Francophone Public Media celebrates La Francophonie Day

Every year, on March 20, the International Day of La Francophonie is celebrated around the world. © OIF

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The Médias Francophones Publics, of which France Médias Monde is a member, celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie by offering a selection of programs from their antennas. They have in common to show the diversity of Francophone creation with the same language in sharing: French. Let yourself be tempted by the programs of Radio France (France Inter and France Bleu), Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF), Radio Canada, the Outre-Mer 1ère network of France Télévisions.


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Radio Canada:

With her show Dis-moi ce que tu lis, Karyne Lefebvre offers each week to dive into the heart of an author's literary universe. Here, it is with Rodney Saint-Eloy that she talks. He is a publisher and holds literature in esteem, a way for him to transform reality, to embellish it. He says he owes this love of the word to his grandmother Tida, who made him read Psalm 23 of the Bible.

In this program, he also talks about his first guides: Corneille, Aeschylus and Racine, but also about his influences: Gaston Miron, whom he nicknamed his "Haitian brother", and Aimé Césaire. Author Kevin Lambert and poet Louise Dupré make a surprise appearance, much to the delight of this member of the Académie des lettres du Québec.

Radio Canada - Tell me what you're reading

Radio Canada

At the end of last year, during They Made 2022, the formidable host Marie-Louise Arsenault offered five major interviews with personalities who distinguished themselves during 2022. Let's listen, the one dedicated to Denise Desautels, a Quebec poet who shone in France this year, notably by her entry into Gallimard's distinguished Poetry collection, becoming the first woman to be published there, and the prestigious Prix Apollinaire, considered the Goncourt of poetry, which she received in 2022. This "rockstar of poetry" also talks about her childhood inspirations, evokes her love for Anne Hébert and Saint-Denys Garneau and answers the end-of-year questionnaire.

Radio Canada - They made 2022

Radio Canada


In their evening show, last February, Julie Morelle and Himad Messoudi debated around the theme: "Fôte d'orthograpFFe: is it serious?" They had invited Dan Van Raemdonck, professor of linguistics at ULB and VUB, Anne Dister, professor of linguistics at Saint-Louis University and Arnaud Hoedt, actor and former professor of French.

RTBF - Click


The H hour is the crucial hour: the one that changes a destiny and plunges you into adventure and the unknown. Jean-Louis Lahaye has, among other things, studied the manuscripts found by Céline. It is 15:15 pm on a summer day 2021 in Nanterre. A man, white shirt and sneakers, trudges forward in front of a soulless modern building where only the sign on the façade "Ministry of the Interior" sets him apart from other buildings on the street. It is not easy to access the building when you take with you 3 large bags. Outside, passers-by do not pay attention to this man. No one recognizes it. In Paris, however, some circles have been talking about him for a few months. It is at the centre of a case that has all the newspapers made their front pages. Let's relive this H-Hour with him...

RTBF - H-hour


RTBF has also dedicated an unprecedented series of podcasts to Franquin, one of the greatest figures in comics, the father of Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe and the Marsupilami.

RTSThe 1st:

How to defend French and press freedom around the world, explains Anne-Cécile Robert, international president of the Press Union

Francophone (UPF) and director of publishing and international relations of the magazine Le Monde diplomatique at the microphone Antoine Droux in his program Médialogues. It describes the renewed objectives of the NGO, namely the defence of French and freedom of the press. With the participation of Jean-Philippe Jutzi, President of the Swiss Section and International Vice-President Europe of the UPF.

RTS - Defending French and press freedom around the world


Each week with Dis, Pourquoi ?, Lucas Thorens takes up a theme and dissects it thanks to an expert to finally answer the question "why". So: why the French language. With Mathieu Avanzi, professor at the Centre de dialectologie et d'étude du français régional at the University of Neuchâtel.

RTS - The French language [1/5]


RTS - The French language [2/5]


RTS - The French language [2/5]


RTS - The French language [4/5]


RTS - The French language [5/5]


In the French language, whether you roll it at the tip of your tongue, rake it in the back of the throat or erase it, the "R" sound is a strong marker of the evolution of our language. Pauline Seiterle met Andrès Kristol, former professor of history of the French language and Gallo-Romance dialectology at the University of Neuchâtel, now retired from his summer show Le grand air.

RTS - The history of the big R


Overseas the 1st:

With his album Insula and the concerts that followed, Martinican pianist and composer Maher Beauroy broadcasts jazz at the crossroads of the sounds of his native country and Algeria. The highlight is a tribute to the writer Frantz Fanon, who also bridges the gap between the two cultures. Meeting with an inspired musician, in the hollow of L'Oreille est boldie presented by Patrice Elie dit Cossack.

Outre-Mer La 1ère - L'Oreille est hardie, with Maher Beauroy

Overseas 1st

Author of Rain and Wind on Télumée Miracle, Simone Schwarz-Bart lived with André her husband, winner of the 1959 Prix Goncourt, who died in 2006, a literary adventure that still continues. They have each written seminal novels about slavery and the Holocaust. A series of interviews in three episodes at the microphone of Cécile Baquey.

Outre-Mer La 1ère - Ma parole, with Simone Schwarz-Bart [1/3]

Overseas 1st

Outre-Mer La 1ère - Ma Parole, with Simone Schwarz-Bart [2/3]

Overseas 1st

Outre-Mer La 1ère - Ma parole, with Simone Schwarz-Bart [3/3]

Overseas 1st

Radio France Internationale (RFI)

► From voice(s): "There is no rainbow in paradise", the slave trade in a griot language

In this book, Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry explores the past and present of Chad, his native country. Slave trade, colonization, global conflicts and coups d'état that will disrupt the democratic aims of independent Chad, until the rise of the jihadists of Boko Haram, 200 years of history are highlighted by the Chadian-Swiss author.

Nétonon Noël Ndjékéry is a Chadian-Swiss author. He recounts the slave trade inIl n'y a pas d'arc-en-ciel au paradis, published by Hélice Hélas.

Presentation : Pascal Paradou

Director: Guillaume Ploquin

► In G major: by Camille Saint-Saëns in Hanoi with François Bibonne

To evoke Vietnam is often to summon war or wake up the rice fields. Yes, too often. Even around here, Vietnam regularly oscillates between the tourist leaflet and the Story of Uncle Ho.

En Sol Majeur has just discovered a little marvel of documentary entitled Once upon a bridge in Vietnam, which will be translated as Once upon a bridge in Vietnam. And that's a nice beginning of the score. Once upon a time there was a young man on this bridge, with his love for classical music in his right hand and his love for his Vietnamese grandmother in his left hand. There is a desk in the air. Because when he animates his arms, François Bibonne becomes the conductor of a different look on this earth. The idea is to bridge the gap between French-speaking Vietnam and a Camille Saint-Saëns who has his museum in Saigon...

Presentation: Yasmine Chouaki

Director: Laura Pinto

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