Between those who welcome it and those who fear it will spiral out of control The AI revolution is sweeping the fields of work, including journalism and media, and sparking controversy about the invasion of this technology in the labor and education market.

The revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has opened a non-stop debate, between welcoming its vast cognitive services and fearing that it will turn into an uncontrollable electronic monster, the more it is indoctrinated with information, the more invasive it becomes.

The "Observatory" program (2023/3/20) continued part of the controversy on this issue, as artificial intelligence technology makes headlines, because it spreads quickly and raises controversy and mixed reactions between supporters and fears.

Relying on the work of artificial intelligence machines is one of the challenges that exhaust many, due to their ability to write university studies, news articles and draft emails.

Observers also fear that the artificial intelligence system will get out of control if misused, as well as the impact of this technology on students' educational achievement, as well as that many people are afraid of losing their jobs due to being replaced by artificial intelligence machines.

In the artistic field, smart machines collect artists' drawings and their own works from the Internet, then readapt, combine and produce them in new forms using algorithms.

It is noteworthy that several days ago Google announced - which competes with Microsoft in this field - the news of adding artificial intelligence to the service of writing emails and drafting forms and office documents.