Ahead of next month's unified local elections and the G5 Hiroshima Summit in May, a meeting was held attended by senior police security officers from all over Japan, and amid the growing tension of the international situation, I instructed them to strengthen countermeasures against cyberattacks and to thoroughly implement security and security after analyzing the level of danger at the site.

The meeting was attended by about 100 people, including senior security officers from police headquarters across Japan.

In his speech, National Police Agency Commissioner Yasuhiro Roki stated, "In a year in which the true value of the Japan police will be tested, we will make all-out efforts to meet the expectations and trust of the people."

In addition, he mentioned that terrorist incidents have occurred in the past during the summit in the United Kingdom amid tense international situations, such as Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and instructed Japan to thoroughly implement border measures to prevent terrorism and to cooperate with businesses that support important infrastructure such as lifelines, transportation, and airports.

Furthermore, in response to concerns about attacks and economic security in conjunction with the Summit, Prime Minister Abe called for further strengthening of countermeasures against cyberattacks that pose a threat.

For next month's unified local elections, as the first large-scale election after the review of the guard of dignitaries, we will thoroughly prepare a security plan after analyzing the degree of danger such as the place of speech, and as a measure against lone offenders called lone offenders = "lone wolf" type, not only the security department, but also He instructed them to cooperate with local police officers and others to share their signs in advance.