In the village of Dievo-Gorodishche, Yaroslavl region, five people fell under the ice, including the 35-year-old founder of the Russian group Cream Soda Dmitry Svirgunov (Dima Nova).

Information about the incident appeared in the official Telegram channel of the team. On the night of March 19-20, Dmitry, his brother and eight friends walked along the frozen Volga. The ice cracked and five were swept away by the current.

"We had a tragedy tonight. Our Dima Nova in the company of friends walked along the Volga and fell under the ice, "the report says.

It is known that two people were able to get out - these are Valeria Derman and 27-year-old musician Aristarkh Ukhtomsky. According to the portal 76.RU, Ukhtomsky was in critical condition and died after the arrival of doctors. The rest were reported missing. Rescuers and divers went in search of Dmitry Svirgunov, his brother and Georgy Kiselyov.

"Dima, his brother Roma and friend Gosha Kiselyov are still looking for the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Aristarchus, our friend, who also fell under the ice, managed to get, but could not be saved, "the group's Telegram channel wrote.

Later, 40 meters from the sagebrush, Dmitry's body was allegedly found. The search for two more young people continues.

"Now the current is smaller, divers are still working. As long as there is air, we will work. The air will run out, we will leave, " quotes the head of the regional "Center for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations" Oleg Belovoshin.

As a local resident told RT, the founder of the Cream Soda group, Dmitry Svirgunov, had a house in the Yaroslavl region. There he lived and rested with other participants of the project, and also wrote music in a specially equipped studio.

"The house in the village belonged to his mother. Yesterday it was still possible to walk on the ice of the river, but the sun scorched very much - it could flood, "the RT interlocutor added.

At the time of its foundation, the musical group Cream Soda consisted of three members - Ilya Gadaev, Dmitry Svirgunov and Anna Romanovskaya.

In 2012, Ilya and Dmitry founded an experimental project and gave it the name Cream Soda. In 2016, the artists released their first album - "Fire". A friend of musicians Anna Romanovskaya took part in the work on it. In 2017, she became a regular member of the band.

The band gained wide popularity thanks to such tracks as "Crying on Techno" (a cover of the song of the group "Mushrooms") and "No More Parties".

In 2022, Anna Romanovskaya left the band. Dmitry and Ilya in October of the same year released the single "Metasparking". The musicians themselves called it a fantasy epic dedicated to planet Earth. The band members shot a video clip in four episodes, the last of which was published in February 2023.