While most nations and peoples have come to know that obesity and overweight are a defect and a reprehensible thing that contradicts the standards of beauty, one of the tribes of Ethiopia disagreed with this as the "big rumen" as a preference criterion for its youth and men and something impressive and attractive.

The Bodi tribe, who live near the Omo River in southern Ethiopia and practice farming and livestock, celebrate their love of large krush during an annual festival called "Kayle", where the man with the largest rush is crowned "Man of the Year" and is respected by everyone in the tribe for life.

In order to achieve this advantage, young men and men chosen by the families of this tribe, who are often single, must follow a fattening diet in which they eat a mixture of their family's cow blood, fresh milk and honey, every two hours, for a period of 6 months, during which they are isolated in a hut.

The episode of the "Shabakat" program on (2023/3/20) followed the reactions of social media users to this strange and remarkable habit, which was mostly ironic, while tweeters found in their dealings with this custom an opportunity to express their satisfaction with the perceptions of that tribe, and their wishes to find the same in their country.

Saleh tweeted, "These are the people who evaluate their competencies and want to build their homelands, not like us Abu Karsh, we bully him and underestimate his tripe."

As for Laith, he found in a past that showed nostalgia for him a similar example, and wrote, "We had in the past the owner of the rumen is the owner of the opinion, word, advice and relevance, and I am to a week thinking about participating in a sports club so that my stomach becomes anointed.. I want to raise a crush, a final and irreversible decision."

In turn, Najib asked about the address of the tribe so that he could leave for it, as it is in his estimation who will know its value and the value of "rumen Ta'o".

As for Maram, she wondered in disapproval why the custom of that tribe is ridiculed, when Arab cultures are not free of many myths and illusions.

It is noteworthy that the man who won the title of the owner of the largest rush is respected and prominent in the tribe, and he is entitled to marry 10 women, and the tribe considers his victory proof that his family's cows are the best among the cows of the tribe.