【Commentary】Mixing noodles, kneading noodles, stripping, underlining, pulling... As a national intangible cultural heritage of China, beef noodles with "Lanzhou taste" have rich historical and cultural connotations in terms of boiling soups, ramen noodles, and color matching of side dishes. Recently, the 2023 Lanzhou Secondary Vocational School Skills Competition opened in Lanzhou Modern Vocational College in Lanzhou New District Vocational Education Park. Students are required to complete the four face-shaped works in 60 minutes. Through the competition, the school aims to demonstrate students' professionalism and operational skills, so as to promote learning.

【During the same period】Lanzhou Commercial School beef noodle course professional training teacher Da Xuanlong

During our judging process, we looked at the students' proficiency in ramen movements, which was our assessment on the spot. Beef noodles are presented in a bowl, and whether it also has the smoothness and delicate of the noodles, (taste) is gluten, uniform thickness, as one of our criteria.

【Commentary】The contestants are all Chinese cooking students from Lanzhou Commercial School, and the contestants said that since taking the beef noodle course, a large number of theoretical and practical skills accumulated have been demonstrated in the competition. As a popular course, students also hope to work in beef noodle after graduation.

【During the same period】Lanzhou City Commercial School student Xu Guopeng

At first, my ramen technique was not good, and it was easy to break if the noodles were not pulled, but now after a long time (learning), the technique will also be, and the ramen will be pulled relatively smoothly and will not break. The [face shape] I will pull now is capillary, and leek, and thin width. If we want to achieve the same technique as the chef of the beef noodle shop on the street, we still need a long, long [practice] time, and we need to learn better.

【Commentary】Experts from Lanzhou Beef Ramen Industry Federation and Lanzhou Culinary Association were invited to the scene to score and guide the contestants.

【During the same period】Zhai Zhaozhe, secretary general of Lanzhou Beef Ramen Industry Federation of Gansu Province

By watching their competition today, all operations are completely in accordance with the traditional Lanzhou beef noodle process requirements to do, in the past Lanzhou beef noodle apprentices are directly to the store to learn, there is no set of very formal theory to study seriously, of course, Lanzhou beef noodles "go out" has a great impact, but the school through the normative from the cultural history of beef noodles to craft operations, there is a set of new things cultivated, this kind of beef noodles talent to (Lanzhou beef noodles) to the world will play a great role, It will also play a great role in the development of Lanzhou beef noodles.

【Commentary】It is understood that in the beef noodle course, the school is actively promoting the construction of beef noodle brand connotation, beef noodle raw material natural green concept, beef noodle technology culture and beef noodle fast food research and other teaching concepts.

【During the same period】 Jiang Qi, principal of Lanzhou Commercial School

We regard the Lanzhou beef ramen competition as an important event in college and municipal competitions. In the process of promoting the development of beef ramen, we have sent many technical personnel in this field. We are also currently working on an intangible cultural heritage workshop focusing on Lanzhou beef ramen, as well as other regional cooking techniques and projects. Help Lanzhou beef ramen industry to go out of Lanzhou City, out of Gansu Province, and even out of China with higher quality.

Reporting by Wang Muyu, Dai Wenchang, Li Yalong, Lanzhou, Gansu

Responsible Editor: [Lu Yan]