Urumqi, March 3 (Zhongxin Net) -- In March, grass grows and warblers fly all over Xinjiang, exuding the breath of spring everywhere.

As the saying goes, people work harder in spring. Spring in Ruoqiang County, Xinjiang, on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, is even more unique.

In the early spring morning, walking into Kurgui Village, Wutamu Township, Ruoqiang County, a flat hardened road runs through the village, and the trees next to the road spit out new shoots and rejuvenate. In the village lanes, villagers are cleaning up the withered flowers and leaves in the winter flower beds, which is full of rich rural scenery. In the villages of Wutamu Township, there are many courtyards similar to Kurgui Village, and a number of "beautiful courtyard" demonstration households have been successfully listed, and under the leadership of the demonstration households, Wutamu Township is surging with a boom in rural revitalization.

Ruoqiang County, located in the southern foothills of the Tianshan Mountains, has higher temperatures than northern Xinjiang, and villagers are busy tidying up their courtyards to welcome the arrival of spring.

Located in Zhaosu County in northern Xinjiang, the ice and snow on the wilderness are gradually melting, and in Chahan Wusu Township, Zhaosu County, which is in the mountains, you will see clean and tidy village roads, white-walled and blue-tiled farmyards, and picturesque mountain villages full of "fireworks".

Moon Land Village, Engelberg Township, Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County, Xinjiang, villager culture and leisure exhibition area. Photo by Tao Jiaoke

In 2022, Chahan Wusu Township invested more than 1000 million yuan to carry out the improvement of the rural living environment, and the construction of infrastructure such as cultural squares, fences, and sidewalks has brought great convenience to the lives of ordinary people. Villager Huwandek Mutalifu said: "The new cultural square in the village is right next to my home. Nowadays, the environment in the village has improved, and we are very happy to live here. ”

Located in Pingxi Liang Village, Shuixigou Town, Urumqi County, it used to have the mark of poverty, dirt and chaos, and now it has become a popular homestay experience leisure resort. In 2014, Pingxi Liang Village began to operate the homestay industry, up to now, there are 60 homestays of various types, the architectural design and decoration are fashionable, and the architectural style of the houses in Pingxi Liang Village complement the architectural style, reflecting the high-value rural style.

Recently, the reporter walked into the Moon Land Village of Engelberg Township, Mulei Kazakh Autonomous County, and the Moon Land Village was hidden in the mountains, presenting an idyllic scenery and picturesque scene everywhere. In 2019, the village was rated as a traditional Chinese village. The village is home to the local traditional gallery houses. Located at the foot of the mountain, Yueliangdi Village has vigorously enhanced rural revitalization, integrated the development of traditional villages and modern rural revitalization, and created a new way of livable, workable and beautiful countryside.

Yan Xiangfu, secretary of the party branch of Yueliangdi Village, told reporters: "When it comes to the changes in Yueliangdi Village, I dare not imagine that six years ago, Yueliangdi Village used to be a mountain nest, with harsh natural conditions, no resources underground, no industry on the ground, and no collective income. Now that the village has a new appearance, the 'spirit' of the masses is enough, we have eaten tourist meals and earned travel money. ”

For a long time, Yueliangdi Village takes creating an "immersive experience" under the slow life of rural tourism as a breakthrough point for exploring rural tourism resources. The village of 262 households had a per capita income of less than 5,1 yuan five years ago, but now has an average annual income of more than 3,2017 yuan. In <>, the village took the express train of rural revitalization, upgraded and strengthened the corridor houses, and renovated and strengthened each family without changing the traditional elements.

"In recent years, more and more people have returned to the village, come back to start a business in the village, the key to a beautiful village is people, how can we let farmers get employment opportunities nearby, increase farmers' income, keep farmers in the village, let farmers build beautiful villages, in order to achieve sustainable development of the countryside." Yan Xiangfu said.

With the concept of all-round tourism to promote the improvement of rural living environment, Wuerhe District, Karamay City, Xinjiang, known as "Western Wuzhen", is embedded in Jiangnan style houses with white walls, desert characteristic settlements with earthen walls and flat roofs, yellow and blue Mediterranean villas, as well as food streets and pedestrian streets. "Western Wuzhen" has integrated the five major elements of rural revitalization, driving more than 5,1000 people to employment, and the beautiful rural construction in the district has changed from "one branch" to "a hundred flowers".

The prosperity of industry is an important foundation for rural revitalization and the ballast stone for enriching the people. In the second industrial village of Manas Town, Manas County, Xinjiang, in 2022, vigorously develop characteristic industries, the village invested more than 1000 million yuan to revitalize the idle land in the village, build 13 new graphene solar greenhouses, and try to plant morels, driving villagers to get rich together and adding new impetus to rural revitalization. It not only drives the employment income of local villagers, but also increases the collective income of the village.

In Dayou Town, Jimsar County, the industrial layout of "one village, one product" has initially taken shape, and the rural industry is developing in depth. Industries such as sheep breeding, characteristic planting, and green processing have regained vitality, the pace of rural revitalization has been firm, and farmers' sense of gain and happiness has been significantly enhanced.

With the in-depth advancement of the rural revitalization strategy, the rural industry has gradually moved towards the direction of scientific, large-scale and industrialized development. In recent years, Hami City, Xinjiang, has taken industrial revitalization and integrated development as an important starting point, deepened agricultural supply-side structural reform, strengthened the cultivation of agricultural leading enterprises, vigorously supported the priority development of agricultural industry, strengthened the cultivation of agricultural leading enterprises, and gradually built an industrialization system of "enterprise + base + cooperative + farmer + technology" through policy support and project support. (End)