The awards have showered Ruben Östlund's "Triangle of sadness" and now the filmmaker has a chance to collect three Oscar statuettes.

The film is nominated in the categories of best original screenplay, best director, but also the heaviest category – best film.

It is the third time in the history of the Academy Awards that a Swedish film can receive the award for best film, but the director does not have very high hopes.

- I'm probably not here fighting for the statuettes, so it's much more nervous for those who think they might have a chance.

I can just sit and enjoy.

Among the many nominated films, "Everything everywhere all at once" is the favorite and Östlund believes it has a great chance of winning a prize at tonight's gala.

Taking Zara Larsson's side

In February, a debate flared up about whether it is socially acceptable to hiss in the movie theater.

This after artist Zara Larsson expressed her frustration on Tiktok.

The post made some angry, but one who stands behind Larsson is Ruben Östlund.

- For me, it's not a problem if you laugh out loud or shout something.

I think you have to remove this musty, dead air from the cinema and the old cinema culture, he says.

Östlund believes that the critics choose to misunderstand and calls the debate "childish".

- When Zara Larsson expresses her frustration about cinema visits, it is not because she is socially incompetent.

You choose to misinterpret her post and make a point out of it.

I understand her feeling suffocated in that room.

And as a filmmaker, I want it to be vital to come to the cinema.

Hear Ruben Östlund tell more about his feelings before the Oscars 2023 in the clip.