At Okawa Elementary School in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, where 84 people, including children, died in the Great East Japan Earthquake 12 years ago, the bereaved families decided to light bamboo lanterns on the 11th of this month, and on the 5th, the finishing work was done. Done.

At Okawa Elementary School, where a total of 84 children and teachers were killed in the Great East Japan Earthquake, bereaved families will light up bamboo lanterns on March 11, continuing from last year. .

In order to encourage people to think about the importance of life, participants are invited from inside and outside the prefecture to make lanterns, and on the 5th, about 30 people participated.

The work was in the finishing stage, and the participants polished the bamboo with decorative holes and passed LED lights through the bamboo.

A third-year university student from Shizuoka Prefecture, who participated in the event, said, "I wanted to participate because I was studying earthquake disasters and disaster prevention education at university. I want many people to see the bamboo lights."

Kazutaka Sato, who served as co-representative of this project and lost his third son who was in the sixth grade at Okawa Elementary School in the earthquake, said, "I think that the weathering is definitely progressing, but by being involved in the work, as many people as possible I want people to remember the earthquake disaster.I want the 11th to be a quiet day to remember the earthquake again."