After the Great East Japan Earthquake 12 years ago, the patrol boat "Sasakaze" of the Kesennuma Coast Guard Station in Miyagi Prefecture, which has been searching for missing people, will retire in March. rice field.

The patrol boat "Sasakaze" has a total length of 20 meters and a gross tonnage of 26 tons.

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we called on ships and residents to evacuate and went offshore to escape damage from the tsunami.

Since then, she has been involved in the search for missing persons by the tsunami, in addition to rescues from marine accidents, but due to the deterioration of her hull, she will retire on March 21st. I found out by interviewing people.

By the end of January, she had traveled about 168,000 kilometers, equivalent to circling the earth four times.

On March 22nd, the third-generation Sasakaze, which is equipped with equipment that enables search and surveillance activities even at night, is scheduled to be deployed.