Training for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's special rescue team, which is dispatched to support rescue efforts in the event of a large-scale disaster, was held in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, using equipment that was also used at the site of the major earthquake that occurred in Turkey. , and confirmed procedures for rescuing people trapped under buildings.

In the training held in Tachikawa City, about 100 people were dispatched to support rescue operations when a large-scale disaster occurred. 100 people participated and were inspected by Yasuhiro Tsuyuki, Commissioner of the National Police Agency.

Assuming that they would be rescuing a person trapped under a building that collapsed in an earthquake, the volunteers used a jackhammer, which was also used on site in Turkey, to crush concrete several dozen centimeters thick. I was.

In addition, they confirmed a series of procedures from search to rescue, such as removing debris to create space in the collapsed building and passing stretchers with rescuers on them.

Director Tsuyuki, who visited the site, said, "For future disaster relief activities in Japan and overseas, I would like you to make use of the experience of the members dispatched to Turkey and repeat training assuming various situations."