The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on the 24th that it confirmed that 427 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.

845 fewer people than Friday a week ago.

It is the 5th consecutive day below the same day of the previous week.

It will be the first time since January 5 last year that the number of infected people has fallen below 500.

In addition, the number of severely ill patients using a ventilator or ECMO = 12, an increase of 2 from the 23rd.

Meanwhile, 12 confirmed cases have died.

The number of hospitalized patients is about one-fourth of the peak of the 8th wave

On the 24th, the Tokyo metropolitan government announced the results of analysis of monitoring items by experts regarding the infection status of the new corona in Tokyo and the medical care provision system.

According to it, the seven-day average number of new infections as of the 22nd was 1,145, about 500 less than the previous week, and decreased for six consecutive weeks.

In addition, the number of hospitalized patients was 1065, about 360 less than the previous week, which also decreased for six consecutive weeks, and decreased to about one-fourth compared to the peak of the eighth wave. is.

Although the number of new infections and the number of hospitalized patients are both on the decline, experts say, "It is necessary to pay attention to the transition of the infection situation." , kept the second from the bottom.