capsule wardrobe

is, without a doubt, one of our great allies when it comes to building

stylish looks

without too much effort.

It is often associated with

basic garments

in different shades of black, grey, beige and white, but it goes further.

Although it is true that as they are more neutral pieces they can be combined more easily, it does not have to be something boring, quite the opposite.

The essence lies in having a smaller number of garments, yes, more versatile.

In short, it consists of creating a


with basics that can be combined in one way or another depending on the day-to-day needs without falling into monotony.

A commitment to a more




life that, in fact, simplifies the act of getting dressed on a daily basis.

For all this, we tell you what are the key garments for this spring so that you can build your capsule wardrobe.

Mango satin suit jacket

Americans, our best friends

With greater or lesser length, they are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

This one from

Mango (89.99 euros)

fits perfectly with the


trend and combines masculine and feminine thanks to its double-breasted cut, common in men's suits, and its pink satin fabric that gives it that more delicate touch.

Zara fitted double-breasted blazer

The 'blazers' are also key



is the ideal garment to bring


to your looks and can be used both for the most casual outings and for other formal and even professional ones.

This one from

Zara (49.95 euros)

is very easy to combine with all kinds of clothes, from dresses to jeans like the ones the model wears.

Zara flame cowboy boots

The 'cowboy' boots more 'in' than ever

Although they have always been present, in recent years they have gained relevance in the collections of recognized brands.

These from

Zara (59.95 euros)



are perfect for the most daring.

Zara split 'cowboy' ankle boot

A more basic option

Another model, this time booty type.

It is available at



59.95 euros

and it will surely solve many of your daily outfits.

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A wardrobe is nothing without a good pair of jeans.


are a key element in any self-respecting wardrobe


We have also been able to see how the 90s aesthetic was once again a trend, so a pair of Levi's 501 is always a good investment and even more so if they are the

90' ​​model (91 euros)

with a very vintage style.

ZW The Carrot Balloon Jeans Zara

A cheaper option


Zara jeans (29.95 euros)

are an alternative to Levi's if you are looking for that aesthetic but at a more affordable price.

Pull and Bear Cargo Trousers

The 'charge' return to the charge

Undoubtedly one of the garments that most define the 2023 season, in addition to the fact that they can be combined with almost anything.

With a very characteristic silhouette they help to create a

casual style

that has taken the 'street style' by storm in recent years.

These from

Pull and Bear

are available for

29.99 euros

in both khaki and beige.

Blue poplin shirt MaxMara

Take note: blue shirts are essential

There is a lot of talk about white shirts as a key piece in every wardrobe, but having some more in another color is also essential to create your capsule wardrobe.


blue shirt


MaxMara (108.00 euros)

is made of poplin and it will surely solve more than one look.

Mango blue darts cotton shirt

A more affordable option

This blue shirt from

Mango (19.99 euros)

is very similar to the one from MaxMara, although more accessible.

It is cotton with clips.

Mango satin bow dress

The satin dresses are the main protagonists

Satin dresses are a classic that never dies.

An elegant, comfortable and again very versatile option.

The satin effect brings sophistication to our looks and, depending on the garment and its combination, it can create a more formal effect or, on the contrary, a casual one.

This one from


is on sale and you can buy it for

27.99 euros

in black and military green.

Zara satin slip dress

An option for the most daring

If you are more daring, you can get a

slip dress

instead of a more classic satin one.

This one from



29.95 euros

and is very versatile and timeless.

Claro Couture MBFWM

Green: a clear trend

At Fashion Week in Madrid it became clear that

bright colors

such as


would be a trend in the upcoming autumn-winter season.

This ' Claro Couture'


is an example of this.

Zara straight blazer

Put some green in your wardrobe

You can anticipate this chromatic trend in your capsule wardrobe through different garments such as this


blazer from

Zara (49.95 euros)

either alone or in combination with

pants (29.95 euros)

forming a green 'total look'.


The thing is about 'brilli-brilli'

As we have already mentioned, a capsule wardrobe does not have to be boring and can include something a little more special and different.



Fashion Week show showed that another of the trends that we will see in the future will be




H&M sequin wrap dress

Sequins: a timeless classic




sequin dress

is on sale

(24.99 euros)

and is a good option to include some sparkle in your capsule wardrobe.

Stradivarius long denim skirt

Long and midi denim skirts as an alternative to jeans

Long and midi denim skirts are a trend and a more than valid option to create your wardrobe.

This one from

Stradivarius (25.99 euros)

is long and has an opening in the front as a detail.

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Denim skirts: the favorites of the 'celebrities'

Some 'celebrities' like

Bella Hadid

frequently include

denim skirts

in their looks , whether they are

midi cut



Duarte MBFWM

The puffed dictate the norm


puffed ones

will mark a trend in the autumn-winter season since they were present in several of the Fashion Week shows in Madrid, for example in Duarte's


Bash puff sleeve sweatshirt

Add some volume to your wardrobe

This trend can take different forms from skirts to shirts.


hooded sweatshirt


puffed sleeves


Bash (108 euros)

is a perfect option to give a maximalist touch to your capsule wardrobe.

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