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We already knew that our country eats very well, but not that two of the cities of the Old Continent that are perfect for giving themselves a


gastronomic tribute are here, in Spain.

And they are none other than Madrid and Barcelona.

Of course, neither of them heads the list of the 10 favorites of


(or lovers of

good food

), but the first is Paris.


In the

City of Light,

Love and many other things (among them, great palates) there are more (good) restaurants per inhabitant than in any other.

Namely, 910 per 100,000 people.

In addition, the French capital has an unprecedented culinary tradition, a high number of restaurants with

Michelin stars

(118), a wide variety of venues (from traditional taverns to haute cuisine centers), world cuisines (French, of course, to China, India, Italian...) and services (for vegans, celiacs...), in addition to an

impeccable service when it comes to serving

and more than 665,000 (positive) references to its gourmet temples on social networks.

Classic restaurant in Paris.A TOUT FRANCE

These are some of the reasons why Paris is the favorite of


according to the criteria of the study carried out by the

tourism company

Bounce, taking as reference the data provided by Euromonitor, the largest international market research consultancy.

They are followed by the French

Madrid and Barcelona


The Spanish capital even surpasses the French in terms of the number of

restaurants with Michelin stars

, since it brings together 162. However, those surveyed give an overall score of 9.31 to Paris and 8.35 to Madrid, which also stands out for its culinary history, its variety and even its hours.

Amar restaurant at the Palace hotel in Barcelona. HOTEL PALACE

Barcelona, ​​for its part, boasts an 8.07, with a high number of stores per 100,000 inhabitants: 714. The wide range of


is another of its assets in favor, as well as mentions on Instagram, TikTok and others.

After Barcelona come Lisbon,


or London, with a score of 7.65, 7.59 and 6.76 respectively.

The most 'foodie' cities in Europe

1. Paris.



4. Lisbon.

5. Amsterdam.

6. London.

7. Vienna.

8. Berlin.

9. Munich.

10. Rome.

On the other hand, the British capital is the one that receives the most pleasant gastronomic mentions on social networks of the

10 cities

analysed: 2,617,319, to date.

On the other hand, Amsterdam is the third in the ranking in number of restaurants with Michelin stars, 72, ahead of Barcelona, ​​which remains with 24, and London (69).

Tavern La Fontanilla, in Madrid.ESMADRID

Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Rome continue the culinary

top ten

of the Old Continent, with these


: 62.8 in the case of the first two and 5.59 and 5.52, in the case of the remaining two.

The Austrian capital comes off very well in terms of

historical places

to sit down for lunch or simply have a coffee and a sweet, while Rome is one of the favorites of Instagrammers


it comes to immortalizing its photogenic dishes.

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