In Nagano Prefecture, where backcountry skiing and snowboarding accidents have occurred one after another, an emergency meeting was held with tourism operators in the area where the accident occurred, and it was decided to thoroughly disseminate safety information to mountain climbers. confirmed.

The conference held in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture was attended by more than 20 people from the prefecture, police, fire departments, and local tourism businesses.

In the backcountry of this area, last month,

two foreign men were killed in an avalanche in Otari Village, and in

Hakuba Village, two men were lost and are still missing.

At the conference, Eri Hayakawa, director of the Nagano Prefecture Northern Alps Regional Development Bureau, said, "We would like to strengthen measures to prevent disasters in winter mountains and spring mountains, where avalanches frequently occur."

After that, the meeting was closed to the public, and according to the prefecture, the attendees said, ``We should promote the use of guides who are familiar with the local mountains,'' and ``We should properly inform climbers of weather and avalanche information. This means that opinions such as

Based on the opinion on the 10th, the prefecture will work with related organizations to thoroughly disseminate information that will lead to the safety of climbers.

Director Hayakawa said, "As a prefecture, we have a sense of crisis, so we would like to continue working on disseminating information, including to foreigners."