Sweet pet love can't save idol drama routines

Good actors will also be "consumed" when they encounter bad acting skills

  In the midst of the popularity of "Hurricane" and "Three-Body Problem", the urban love drama "Dazzling You" starring Yin Tao has recently launched. The plot of the drama is relaxed and humorous. , and staged a sweet pet-style sibling love in the play.

But this sister-brother relationship was too routine, and the acting was a bit awkward, and even Yin Tao's acting skills were questioned.

  Reporter Song said

  The topic is not enough routine

  "The Dazzling You" tells the story of urban women's struggle in the workplace, emotional life, self-breakthrough and finding their own value.

Played by Yin Tao, Kang Ziyou, the female lead medical beauty sales director, has a successful career and a chic and comfortable life, but she has the pressure of raising her daughter and dare not face the marriage problem; Lin Qianyu seems to have an enviable marriage, but she suffers from her husband all year round. The verbal violence and others' doubts about her ability to work; the psychiatrist Meng Yushan is calm and objective in her career, but it is difficult to solve the problems of her married life and her inner shackles.

With the help of each other, three women with very different personalities complete important transformations in their lives, hand in hand, and walk together romantically.

  Judging from the plot, "The Dazzling You" intends to apply the popular concept of "independent women". The series brings together three female characters, allowing them to overcome obstacles in life hand in hand.

This type of theme is not new. Dramas such as "Ode to Joy" and "Love is Delicious" have used such themes, and they are all told very well. Jewels are the first, but "Dazzling You" tells the plot vividly. It is full of routines in idol dramas.

At the beginning of the play, the heroine was forced to come to the scene by her best friend, and accidentally ran into her ex-husband on the scene, and happened to wear a broken wedding dress, and was regarded as a "bridegroom snatcher" by the woman's relatives, and a long slow-motion scene was staged in the hotel corridor Chasing, chasing all the way to the wedding, the plot design is piled up with various coincidences.

  Not only is the opening plot very "grabbing the horse", the way the heroine and the hero meet is also a routine of idol dramas.

After the two met unexpectedly, they had an intimate contact with each other by mistake, and the slow motion of the rotation made the audience uninterested.

In terms of character design, Kang Ziyou assumes multiple identities in the play, but each identity is full of routines, and the character design is very "grasping".

In terms of mother's character design, Kang Ziyou called his teenage daughter after drinking too much and asked her "why did she go to bed after ten o'clock"; Shopping malls "splurge" wages to please themselves, and the degree of shopping madness even surprised my daughter when she saw it.

The plot sets the relationship between Kang Ziyou and his daughter as "love each other and kill each other". Accumulated good acting skills.

  Bad script pulls down good acting

  Actor Yin Tao has gradually been noticed and known by the audience since "The Secret History of Empress Wu Zetian". Later, from Zhou Ayu in "A Family in Wenzhou" to Luo Yuzhu in "Chicken Feathers Flying to the Sky", Yin Tao has played a simple, kind and thoughtful modern woman.

In the role of Zheng Juan in "The World" broadcast in 2022, Yin Tao's interpretation of women's softness on the outside and strength on the inside is deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience. In the hearts of the audience, period dramas are already Yin Tao's forte.

But good actors cannot withstand the "ravages" of bad scripts. After "Dazzling You" was broadcast, many viewers said, "The content of the plot cannot withstand scrutiny, and I still look forward to Yin Tao's role in period dramas."

  Participating in TV dramas with "water injection" plots and ungrounded characters, there are not a few actors whose reputation for good acting skills has been ruined.

For example, the TV series "New World" starring Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi, which will be broadcast in 2020, has not found the real body of "Little Red Coat" since the plot has progressed to 50 episodes. The suspicion and relationship between the three brothers Xu Tian always changes repeatedly, giving the plot Added a lot of unnecessary tension, and even Tielin played by the actor Zhang Luyi also made the audience feel dizzy.

This character is a "slutty young man", he is timid and afraid of his wife, and his identity is just a small employee of the Secrecy Bureau. Many audiences were quite optimistic about him at the beginning, but due to the procrastination of the plot, the action line of the character made the audience confused. Without energy, Zhang Luyi's acting skills could not be brought out.

  Actor Zhang Ziyi, who occasionally appeared in TV dramas, also lost some of her good reputation in acting because of the drama "Shangyang Fu".

In the play, Zhang Ziyi plays a 15-year-old girl, but she presents the girl's innocence and eccentricity in a state of vicissitudes but pretending to be innocent.

  There is also Zhou Dongyu, a young actress known for her acting skills, who also suffered from "Waterloo" in word-of-mouth after starring in the fairy tale drama "Eternal Jue Chen".

In the play, the heroine has become a "silly Baitian" in ancient times, not only worshiping Bai Jue as a teacher, but also chasing after him.

This is "totally different" from the ancient people in the novel. The ancient in the novel is the daughter of the ancestor god, with the highest force value, calm temperament, and never being stupid.

The magic modification of the original work in the series made Zhou Dongyu, who has excellent acting skills, unable to perform.

For actors, good scripts and roles are indeed hard to come by, but these forced embarrassing roles will still consume the good reputation that actors have accumulated over a long period of time.

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