How to effectively solve the problem of land abandonment when rural farmers go out to work?

In recent years, Tongzi County, Guizhou has revitalized idle land resources, broadened the "industrial road", and guided farmers to develop flue-cured tobacco according to local conditions and increase employment income.

  Right now is the golden season for production and preparation for farming. Papaya Town in Tongzi County seized the season and set off an upsurge of spring plowing production of flue-cured tobacco in an all-round way.

Walking into the contiguous flue-cured tobacco planting site of Tieshan Community in Papaya Town, excavators, rotary tillers, ridging machines and other mechanical equipment are working at full capacity to level the land and plow the work. Dozens of workers are busy building flue-cured tobacco seedling greenhouses. Fully prepare for the cultivation of tobacco seedlings.

You Mingliang, head of the Flue-cured Tobacco Industry Office in Papaya Town, introduced that in order to revitalize land resources and enrich the people and strengthen the town, 2,000 mu of flue-cured tobacco will be sought at the county level in 2023, and all work is currently being carried out in an orderly manner.

  Similarly, in Zhongshan Village, Papaya Township, the local villagers are working in a division of labor and working together to raise flue-cured tobacco seedlings in an orderly manner, preparing seedling trays, seed screening trays, and putting trays into ponds...the scene is busy.

Ao Zhengwu, secretary of the village's party branch and director of the village committee, introduced that flue-cured tobacco is a short-term economic crop and has a large demand for migrant workers. Since the development of the flue-cured tobacco industry in Zhongshan Village, it has not only revitalized the idle land resources, but also effectively solved the surplus labor force in the village and surrounding villages. The employment problem, so that they can achieve employment and income increase at their doorstep.

(Produced by Chen Guiliang and Chen Juan, Pu Wensi’s video is from Tongzi County Financial Media Center)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]