The government plans to abolish the health insurance card next fall and integrate it with the Individual Number Card. , and put together a concrete proposal.

This was shown by the Digital Agency at the Liberal Democratic Party's digital-related meeting held on the 8th.

According to this, people who have lost their My Number card or who have not obtained it will be able to receive insurance medical treatment even after the insurance card is abolished next fall. We are adjusting in the direction of providing

In addition to considering the current health insurance card as valid for a certain period of time, if it is necessary to reissue it due to loss, etc., a system will be created that allows the card to be obtained in a maximum of 10 days.

On the other hand, we will make it possible to apply for a My Number Card at the same time as the birth registration is submitted so that the My Number Card can be obtained promptly after the birth.

For infants under the age of 1, it is a policy to issue a card without a face photo, and the expiration date of the card without a face photo is until the 5th birthday.

In addition, when applying for and issuing a card, if the applicant is a bedridden elderly person, the staff of the facility will support the application and will prepare a mechanism to perform the issuing procedure on behalf of the applicant.

The government plans to submit the necessary bills to the current Diet session after further working out the specific system.