The purchase of 31 trains that do not fit in the tunnels, destined for commuter and medium-distance lines in Asturias and Cantabria, is a botch job that generates

considerable damage to users in some of the territories that suffer from a deficit entrenched in railway investments


We are facing a serious error that will cause a three-year delay in the start-up of the new models and whose origin is in the purchase contract signed by the president of Renfe in 2020 for 258 million euros.

As EL MUNDO has revealed, a document from the State Agency for Railway Safety from September 2021 proves that

the Government and Renfe had already identified the problem at that time


The solution adopted is to correct the redesign of the trains, a process that will last until the summer.

This delay is

a burden for Renfe

, in charge of carrying out an operation for which it requested a loan of 150 million euros from the European Investment Bank, which must now be postponed.

To bad planning, therefore, is added the embarrassment of hitting Spain's foreign credit.

Given that Minister

Raquel Sánchez

admitted the scale of the scandal,

such a disastrous management cannot end with intermediate dismissals


It is Renfe's senior management that must assume its responsibilities.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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