China News Service, Beijing, February 7th (Wei Xianghui) Recently, new crown antibody tests have been carried out in many places across the country, and the price is 30-50 yuan per time.

Relevant experts said that the current serum antibody survey in the population will help scientifically evaluate the immune status of the new crown recovery and the resistance to secondary infection, and can be used as a basis for auxiliary diagnosis of new crown virus infection, and can be used for the timing and vaccination plan of new crown virus vaccination It provides a scientific basis for the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures in the next step, and provides a reference for optimizing resource allocation.

  Wu Biao, director of the Infectious Disease Control Department of Hainan Provincial People's Hospital and deputy director of the Infectious Disease Medical Center, told that the serum detection of new coronaviruses usually includes two types of antibody IgM and antibody IgG.

Among them, IgM "arrives early and leaves early", which can reflect whether there is a recent infection; after IgG is produced, IgM will gradually decrease.

IgG is "late and persistent", which can reflect whether there is a previous infection or serve as a reference for evaluating the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Data map: Medical staff shake and mix the reagents.

Photo by Yuan Sui

  Wu Biao said that there are no obvious precautions in the serum test. It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and coffee and other foods before the test, and you can drink some water appropriately.

  Wu Biao pointed out that what needs to be reminded is that no matter what the purpose of serum antibody testing is, the analysis of the results requires the participation of professionals. It is best to ask a doctor to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on symptoms, vaccination time, and infection time.

  Wu Biao said that for individuals, serum antibody testing can achieve the following purposes:

  One is people who have not been infected with the new coronavirus.

If you have not been "positive", you can find out through the new crown serum antibody test. If the antibody test is positive, it is very likely that you have had a recessive infection.

  The second is people who have been vaccinated and want to see if there are any antibodies to "protect the body".

Vaccines are also a type of antigen. Antigens can cause specific immune responses in the human body and stimulate the body to produce antibodies. Vaccines play an important role in preventing severe illness and death.

  If you want to know whether there is antibody "protection" after vaccination, you can refer to the method of vaccine effectiveness evaluation, and perform serum antibody detection about 14 days, 3 months, and 6 months after vaccination.

  The third is people who are already "healthy" and want to know about their physical condition.

For people who are already "Yang Kang", testing serum antibodies can help understand their physical condition.

If the antibody disappears along with the symptoms of fever and cough, a booster injection can be given 3-6 months later.

  Fourth, the serum antibody survey of the participating population can provide a scientific basis for the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures.

  Wu Biao said that antibody testing is faster and more convenient than nucleic acid testing, which is conducive to the early detection of new coronavirus infection, and can also confirm the infection status of the disease as a supplement to nucleic acid testing.