China News Agency, Beijing, February 6th: The first tour group from Hong Kong to Beijing arrives and tourists start their "Spring Festival" journey

  Author Xu Jing

  "I haven't been to the mainland for three years. After I got the news, I signed up for a tour group to Beijing without even thinking about it." On the 6th, Hong Kong tourist Fang Xiaohui told reporters in the arrival hall of Capital International Airport T3.

  At 17:20 on the same day, 17 Hong Kong tourists arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport on flight CA112, starting a five-day trip to Beijing.

This is the first tour group departing from Hong Kong to Beijing after China resumed the group tourism activities between mainland residents and Hong Kong and Macau.

  Tourists look forward to experiencing more "Beijing taste" during this trip.

Lin Zhanyi, 60 years old this year, showed the gift of "Master Rabbit" that he had just received and introduced that this was his first visit to Beijing, "The attractions I want to visit the most are the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, and the food I want to eat the most is Peking duck. "

  The reporter learned that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has vigorously organized the development of cultural tourism resources and inspections of tourism routes in recent years, focusing on the research and development of "Beijing New Discovery" inbound tourism products, and launched 88 emerging cultural tourism destinations and 11 themed routes.

The bureau called on leading tourism companies to play an active role in helping the prosperity of Beijing's inbound tourism market and continuously improving the level of tourism services.

  According to Zhang Kexiong, assistant to the general manager of China Travel Travel, China Travel Travel organized three first group tours to the mainland on the 6th, starting a new journey from Hong Kong and Macau to Beijing, Taishan and Shaoguan.

The company has successively launched Beijing series of products in Hong Kong, and has received a large number of inquiries. Hong Kong citizens hope to come to Beijing to visit the Winter Olympics venues, check in Universal Studios and other new attractions.

  The Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival have just passed. During this journey called "Welcome Spring", tourists will take the "same model" green hydrogen energy bus of the Beijing Winter Olympics to visit historical and cultural attractions such as the Forbidden City and the Badaling Great Wall. Shougang Park, the ingenious fusion of viewing industrial sites and modern Olympic venues.

And in the "Prosperous Age·Flower Dream" Lantern Festival in Beijing Shiyuan Park, 170 sets of large-scale lanterns will lead tourists to wander in the world of light and shadow, and feel the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.

  "The last time I came to Beijing was in 2006 when I filmed the TV series "The Winds of Time." Hong Kong actress Huang Shuyi introduced that she watched the fourth season of "Aerial China" as a travel "homework" before departure.

As a lover of winter sports, she still misses the Beijing Winter Olympics. "What I look forward to most is the Shougang Park. I can't go wrong with being able to host the Winter Olympics."

  In addition to Beijing, Fang Xiaohui and his wife also plan to travel to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places.

Zhang Kexiong said that at present, CTS Travel has created and launched 113 inbound product routes for Hong Kong and Macau tourists.

Enterprises are accelerating the cultivation of new formats of cultural tourism consumption. They will flexibly use new digital cultural tourism technologies to expand the boundaries, methods and depth of cultural tourism experience while doing a good job in traditional inbound tourism business, boost the revival of cultural tourism consumption, and create inbound tourism. Brand new model.

  From 00:00 on the 6th, personnel exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao have fully resumed.

The reporter learned from Beijing Customs that, according to the flight plan, the Capital Airport Customs is expected to inspect and release 8 inbound flights from Hong Kong and Macau on the same day, and supervise 1,243 inbound passengers; Daxing Airport Customs expects to inspect and release one inbound flight from Hong Kong, and supervise about 120 inbound passengers.