The decision of the PSOE to present without United We Can a reform of the law of

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that resumes the penalties in force before the controversial norm supposes the verification of an error that has had serious social consequences.

After two months of negotiations with his partner,

after defending the furious criticism of the judges, blaming them for misapplying a clearly deficient law,

and when there are already more than 400 benefited sexual offenders, President Sánchez has opted for

promote a bill in Congress that recovers the existence of violence or intimidation as a measure to distinguish the seriousness of crimes.

The decision came late and, furthermore, covered with a contradictory euphemism -aggression without violence-

with which the PSOE seems to want to please its partner and which opens the door to a false new reform of the Penal Code.

Various organizations and jurists warned during its processing that Irene Montero's star law would imply a reduction in sentences and even the release of those convicted of the most dangerous sexual assaults.

The norm, driven by the heat of populism as a response to the case of

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it eliminated the distinction between cases with or without violence under the purely propaganda argument that by calling the latter "abuse" the State was failing to protect women.

The Ministry of Equality and Podemos defended that the real possibility that the sentences of the worst aggressors would be lowered was macho propaganda.

Then they described the judges as "fachas".

When the PSOE has verified that maintaining the law penalizes it electorally, and given Montero's refusals to modify it in nuclear terms, it puts forward a proposal outside of its partner and disregarding the possible support of the PP.



they will be wrong if they support any text, which is presented again

with an urgent procedure without the mandatory reports.

For her part, the minister continues in her post despite her lousy management and her rebellion -which underscores the weakness of a president who cannot dismiss her- and insists on denouncing, with notable echo, that

the great advance of your law is that consent is located at the center of the Penal Code,

when that has always been so;

otherwise, sexual assault or abuse would not be classified.

What cannot be at the center of the Penal Code is the demolition of the presumption of innocence, even in cases as intimate and unpleasant as these.

Moncloa now implicitly acknowledges that

changed the Penal Code capriciously and for electoral interests

, as has happened with the embezzlement reform, whose effects may also be undesirable for the Government.

The defense of the victims is an asset that is important enough for the Government not to play with it.

The game has lasted too long -with irreversible consequences, since the new reform will only apply to crimes that are committed after its entry into force- and everything indicates that it has not ended.

On the near horizon is the Trans Law, another legislative project in which sectarianism has prevailed over rationality.

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