While the government is considering abolishing the income limit on "child allowance" as a countermeasure against the declining birthrate, a support group for single-parent families held a press conference and said that the income limit on "child rearing allowance" was made difficult due to soaring prices. appealed to be reconsidered.

"Child-rearing allowance" is for single-parent households, and a maximum of 43,070 yen per child per month is paid until the age of 18, but it is reduced when the household income in the previous year reaches 1.6 million yen. , 3.65 million yen will not be eligible for payment.

Regarding this, a support group for single-parent households held a press conference at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on the 7th, arguing that life was becoming more difficult due to soaring prices, and that the income limit for child rearing allowances would be relaxed and the amount of payments would be increased. I asked for things.

A single mother in her 40s who participated in the conference said, "I lost my income because I was cut off from dispatch due to the influence of Corona, but because my annual income was subject to income restrictions in the previous year, I was not paid an allowance, and I had to withdraw my savings. I want the income limit to be relaxed so that all children have more opportunities."

Tomohiro Imai, representative director of the Association for Single Parent Support, said, ``Single-parent households are already struggling to make ends meet, but if they work full-time, they won't receive any allowances, and the situation will become even more difficult. I would like you to discuss not only the allowance, but also the relaxation of the income limit for the child rearing allowance."