[Explanation] On February 6, local time, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes hit southern Turkey.

As of press time, the earthquake has killed at least 1,300 people in Turkey and neighboring Syria and injured thousands more.

More than 1,700 buildings were damaged in 10 Turkish cities.

  [Explanation] After the earthquake, Li Jiayue, a Chinese women's soccer girl who was studying abroad in Turkey, shared a moment of shock on social media.

  [Concurrent] Chinese women's football player Li Jiayue

  Just now there was a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey. Because we were playing away in Adana, we were very, very close to the epicenter. At 4 o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by the shaking of the house that was about to collapse. Yes, and then escaped with the whole team. Many of my teammates were so frightened that they cried. Although I didn't cry, it was the first time I felt that death was so close to me, and I was still very scared.

  [Explanation] Wang Xinghua, who is in Turkey, told a reporter from China News Agency that Izmir, where he lives, is more than 1,000 kilometers away from the epicenter, and the earthquake was not obvious. As far as he knows, no Chinese citizens have been killed or injured in the earthquake.

  [Concurrent] Wang Xinghua, President of Overseas Chinese Association in Izmir, Turkey

  At present, our overseas Chinese associations in Turkey, and Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions, including (nearly) 100 consular assistance volunteers under the leadership of the embassy, ​​have found out that there are no Chinese citizens at present, that is, there are no casualties. At present, it is certain. No, there are no Chinese people in the epicenter, but there are several Chinese families in the surrounding coverage area of ​​the epicenter. We have contacted them in the morning and confirmed that there is nothing wrong. But the second earthquake In the future, now (the epicentre) the signal is interrupted, and they cannot be contacted.

  [Explanation] The Chinese Embassy in Turkey issued a document reminding Chinese citizens in Turkey to pay close attention to the early warning information issued by the local government, be vigilant, and pay attention to preventing aftershocks and other secondary disasters.

  [Concurrent] Staff of the Chinese Embassy in Turkey

  We keep in touch with some Chinese citizens over there, and also keep in touch with the Turkish government. We immediately activated the consular protection emergency phone (+86-10-12308 or +86-10-65612308), This phone number is open at any time, and there is no information on casualties at present. If they need it, they can call this phone number at any time.

  Liu Chao, Fang Min and Ma Xiuxiu report from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Bian Liqun]