, February 7th, title: Outbound travel accelerates to pick up Southeast Asia as a popular tourist destination

  The General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has made it clear that starting from February 6, national travel agencies and online travel companies will resume the pilot operation of outbound group travel and "air ticket + hotel" business for Chinese citizens to relevant countries.

Starting from the 6th, the inland outbound group tours have been restarted one after another, going to popular overseas tourist destinations such as Thailand and Singapore.

  China Tourism Group Travel Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Travel Service) organized a number of outbound group tours on the 6th, traveling from all over the country to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and other popular overseas tourist destinations.

  The reporter learned from China Travel Service on the 7th that on February 6, the "China Travel Service Travel Singapore Departure Group" departed from Beijing and Guangzhou.

Sun Haiyan, the Chinese ambassador to Singapore, was there to greet and warmly welcome every tourist of CTS Travel.

  "It's been a long time since I've traveled far, and I want to take my family to a warm place for a long-awaited long-awaited trip." Said a tourist of the first tour in Singapore, unable to hide his joy.

During the next four-night and five-day journey, tourists will check in famous scenic spots such as the Merlion Park, the Parliament Building, and the Centennial Suspension Bridge in the British Colonial Scenic Area, appreciate the beauty of Singaporean art in the Victoria Theater and the National Gallery, and travel through the unique In the distinctive streets and alleys, experience the Nanyang style of multicultural integration and symbiosis.

  China Travel Travel stated that during the Spring Festival this year, China Travel Travel has provided multiple individual booking services for consumers with outbound travel plans to meet the needs of tourists for "traveling for the New Year".

  In Thailand, CTS Travel launched the "Thailand Chinese New Year Leisure Tour". In addition to recommending special itineraries, CTS Travel specially distributed travel protection bags for tourists, equipped with masks, disinfection supplies and portable neck pillows for travel, to effectively ensure the safety of tourists during the journey.

  It is reported that Ctrip's earliest outbound group will depart on February 7, and the destination is Thailand.

At present, China's outbound tourism is picking up rapidly.

According to data from Ctrip, in the week after the Spring Festival, bookings for outbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" packaged products more than tripled compared to the week during the Spring Festival holiday.