Solène Delinger 5:16 p.m., February 07, 2023

According to information from the magazine "Closer", Laeticia Hallyday has decided to withdraw the mandate of Johnny's house from the famous Kretz family.

The media coverage of these real estate agents, who have a series on Netflix, has attracted curious people near the rocker's villa.

A situation that has become unbearable for the mother of Jade and Joy.

It's tough on the Kretz family, which specializes in luxury real estate.

Laeticia Hallyday, one of their VIP clients, has decided to withdraw the mandate from Johnny's house.

The media coverage of the Kretz put a spotlight on the sale of Johnny's villa

According to information from

Closer magazine, 

the widow of the rocker, who had entrusted the sale of La Savannah to the Kretz at the beginning of January, finally retracted. And the reason for this backtracking is very simple: the media coverage of the Kretz via their series


broadcast on TMC and Netflix, put the spotlight on the sale of Johnny's house and attracted curious people.


Johnny Hallyday's villa in Marnes-la-Coquette: does Cyril Hanouna really plan to buy it?

"It should be sold very soon"

Some fans have asked for visits not to buy but just to wander around their idol's house.

Wishing to manage the sale of her husband's villa in complete privacy, Laeticia Hallyday therefore failed the Kretz. 

On the market for five years, Johnny's villa is struggling to find a buyer.

And it is also for this reason that Laeticia Hallyday had initially appealed to the Kretz, known to be kings of negotiation.

The real estate agents were optimistic and thought they could meet this challenge.

"The house is attractive. It is at market price. It should be sold very soon," said Martin, one of the Kretz family members, in the  

Buzz TV program,

broadcast on TV Mag .

-Le Figaro.

It remains to be seen how Laeticia Hallyday will now go about separating from La Savannah, a villa that she is desperately trying to sell...