Because the obligation to wear a bra is written in the same code of honor as having sex if you went home with him.

Enough of shaming women, enough of the violence." This is how

Ione Belarra,

Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, responded to a tweet where the fact of

not wearing a bra

under her sweater at a public event made her ugly.

Regardless of whether there was an intention in doing without this undergarment by politics, the truth is that

not wearing a bra

is a fashion today, without a doubt.

Or a lifestyle.

And the 90s and 2000s and her return as a trend have a lot to do with it, tell that

Jennifer Aniston

in her role as Rachel from 'Friends', a banner of wearing sweaters under which, 'free the nipple style', she marked the nipples.

Ione Belarra is not the only one: today she wears... not wearing a bra

There are several reasons why it is increasingly common to see

celebrities without a bra.

The first, that fashion rules.

And designers like

Pierpaolo Piccioli

in Valentino, the epitome of elegance,

Oscar de la Renta



opt for transparent dresses, with necklines that do not admit wearing this undergarment or tops that either.

The second, that giving up the bra cannot be understood without a protest and political vis and generation Z seems to have understood that it

is an accessory

and not the corset of the 21st century, which can be worn if you want, shown if you want (there remain

the 'bralettes',

or bras to be seen).

The third, as we have already advanced, is that we are facing

a nostalgic revival,

in fashion, beauty and more, of the 90s and early 2000s, where they were already the protagonists of

'Sex and the City',

whether it was

Kate Moss with her 'heroin chic'


Jennifer Aniston

in her role as

Rachel in 'Friends',

we got used to the fact that showing the chest, without a bra, under the most common clothes (cotton shirts or blouses) was

something natural,

and who was nobody to tell them that they should cover themselves with one.

And there is one last reason why

bras are

conspicuous by their absence: the pandemic and being locked up at home made the bra an expendable object of support and 'coverage', a fact that has undoubtedly transferred to the street, now the 'celebrities'.

For sample, various 'buttons'.


Ione Belarra

Ione Belarra

responded to her not wearing a bra under her sweater with a political claim: "Because the obligation to wear a bra is written in the same code of honor as having sex if you went home with him. Enough shaming women, Enough of the violence."

sanna marin

In 2020, as the political and fashion expert

Patrycia Centeno echoed,

the Prime Minister of Finland

Sanna Marin

was heavily criticized for posing in a magazine with a V-neckline and without a bra.

Her defenders responded by emulating her styling on social media.


Rigoberta Bandini

In Spain, the singer Rigoberta Bandini has established herself as a defender of the female breast since she participated in the Benidorm Fest with the song 'Ay, mamá' ("why are our tits so scary?").

On stage, she sings without a bra or takes it off, to the delight of the audience.

Here at a concert in 2021.


Angelina Jolie

The actress and activist

Angelina Jolie

is another who inherits from her experiences in the 90s the fact of 'passing' the bra, as in this image, with a wide sweater that reveals her particular 'free the nipple'.

She is not an isolated occasion, already in 2017 she made headlines for visiting the Archbishop of Canterbury dressed in a demure gray sweater that also revealed her nipples.




Kate Moss

in the 90s, the generation Z actress has assumed that the bra is an accessory and not the corset of the 21st century.

Zendaya usually

does without it often, like this Valentino suit, as well as in other looks, both 'casula' style and red carpet, where the trend requires.


Kate Moss

The supermodel

Kate Moss,

representative of the 'heroin chic' of the 90s, perhaps because of her small chest, she is a regular at not wearing a bra, not even with clothes that would admit it, like this autumnal blouse...


Kristen Stewart

It doesn't matter if she's wearing a classic

Chanel tweed blouse or jacket,

like at the Cannes Film Festival:

Kristen Stewart

isn't very fond of bras.


gigi hadid

The model

Gigi Hadid

shows how today, many times when she wears a bra, it is not for functionality but for aesthetics.

In this look, so that a lingerie detail can be appreciated under the asymmetric mini cardigan with openings, although it doesn't really cover anything.


Emily Ratajkowski

With a mini-cardigan model similar to the one Hadid is wearing, we have seen the model who, however, chooses not to wear anything underneath.

In fact, Emily Ratajkowski is another famous person who often gives up on him.


kendall jenner

A cotton top, a garment that would admit a bra, but which the model

Kendall Jenner

does without in a casual look.

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