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  Thank you, we are so happy to be in Beijing!

  [Explanation] On February 6, nearly 20 Hong Kong tourists departed from Hong Kong and arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport in the afternoon of the same day, starting a four-night and five-day "Spring Festival" trip in Beijing.

This is the first tour group from Hong Kong to Beijing since the mainland's epidemic prevention policy was adjusted.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong tourists Fang Xiaohui and his wife

  Very happy, all the way is smooth.

(At that time) the tour guide gave us a message, saying that there was a group, (the first one), the first group came to Beijing, and we reported together without thinking.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong tourist Lin Zhanyi

  I used to be very busy with work, but now I have time, and I haven't (leaved) for three years. I can come (touring in Beijing) today, and I am very happy.

  [Explanation] A few days ago, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice that from 0:00 on February 6, 2023, personnel exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao will be fully resumed, and group tourism activities between mainland residents and Hong Kong and Macao will be resumed.

Zhang Kexiong, assistant to the general manager of China Travel Service, said that this is another major policy benefit for the orderly recovery of the inbound and outbound tourism market after China's epidemic prevention and control entered a new stage.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Kexiong, Assistant General Manager of China Travel Service

  After the policy was released, we began to formally collect customers. In less than three days, we organized a starting group.

  [Explanation] At the Capital Airport that day, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and China Travel Service carefully prepared a welcome ceremony for the first batch of Hong Kong inbound tourist groups. The itinerary of the tour group was also arranged richly and uniquely.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong tourist Huang Shuyi

  I thought of going to see the (Winter Olympics) venue. I like sports, and I can’t go wrong if I can hold the (Winter) Olympics (Games), right?

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong tourist Lin Zhanyi

  The Great Wall, as well as that culture, the Forbidden City, look at how great our motherland is, how powerful it is, and how it is developing so fast.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Kexiong, Assistant General Manager of China Travel Service

  In addition to the world cultural heritage such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall, we have newly added the Shougang Park this time, including the Winter Olympic Village in Yanqing, and new check-in places such as Beijing Universal Studios. We have also arranged some more distinctive Beijing attractions. Snacks, this is probably the case. At the same time, we also considered the safety of the epidemic, and specially prepared an epidemic prevention and control package for each guest, including antigens. At the same time, we also reflect environmental protection. The hydrogen energy green environmental protection bus of Austrian model provides our tourists with a safe, comfortable and safe trip to Beijing.

  [Explanation] Relevant departments of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism stated that the first Hong Kong inbound tourist group arrived in Beijing, marking a good start for the recovery and prosperity of the cultural and tourism industries in the new year.

Relevant departments of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism expressed the hope that leading tourism companies can actively play a role in helping the prosperity of Beijing's inbound tourism market, and jointly maintain the safety, stability and order of Beijing's inbound and outbound group tour market during the pilot period.

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  Happy travels in Beijing!

  Reporter asked Baokui to report from Beijing

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