A former doctor who was charged with commissioned murder for killing an intractable ALS patient at his own request was accused of murdering his own father separately from this case, and the Kyoto District Court ruled. He pleaded not guilty and was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Naoki Yamamoto (45), who was a doctor, was charged with murder 12 years ago after taking doctor Yuichi Okubo (44), his mother, and his father (77) from the hospital where they were hospitalized. was asked.

At trial so far, the defendants have pleaded not guilty to the murder of his father, saying Okubo acted alone.

In the ruling on the 7th, presiding judge Hiroshi Kawakami of the Kyoto District Court sentenced defendant Yamamoto to 13 years in prison.

Defendant Yamamoto, along with Defendant Okubo, was also indicted for commissioned murder for murdering a woman in Kyoto City who was suffering from ALS, an intractable disease, at the request of her four years ago. is done.