Solène Delinger 1:46 p.m., February 07, 2023

In an interview with "Parisien" Monday, February 6, journalist Romain Verley, who investigated Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, made revelations about the romantic relationship that the JT star had with Claire Chazal.

A subject of fascination for viewers, their romance was actually deeply toxic...

The journalist Romain Verley continues his investigations on PPDA.

After producing a 

Complément d'Enquête

issue  in April 2022, he released a book that reveals the hidden face of the former 


JT star , accused of rape and sexual assault by several women.

“I think we have to try to move on”


Prince Noir, 

which comes out in bookstores on Wednesday February 8, Romain Verley paints a dark portrait of PPDA, a man of lies, manipulator and calculator.

The journalist also denounces the omerta that still reigns in his entourage, proof of the aura of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor.

Claire Chazal, his former companion, for example, has always defended him.

"As justice has not taken hold of it, I believe that we must try to think of something else," she said at the microphone of Thomas Isle on Europe 1, last July. 


- PPDA case: three new complainants accuse the journalist of rape and sexual violence

“It should not be known, it was laughable”

The journalist, however, did not have such a beautiful love story with PPDA.

In an interview with Parisian Monday, February 6, Romain Verley explains how their romance was “toxic”.

"Claire Chazal is part of the story, because they had a relationship for several years, which regularly made the front page of 

Paris Match.

This must be told, because the liaison of the shocking duo of TF1 presenters contributed to the fascination of the French for these two characters, "begins the journalist. "They had a child, whose identity they hid the father.

Everyone was aware at TF1, but it should not be known.

It was laughable", he analyzes. Romain Verley refers here to François, the son of PPDA and Claire Chazal. Born on April 29, 1995, the little boy was only publicly recognized by his father for ten years. later, in 2005.