Six years ago, a man who was the vocalist of a rock band died while serving time in prison. A settlement was reached on the 7th by the country paying almost the full amount of compensation in the trial seeking.

Ko Ito (then 62), the vocalist of the rock band "THE FOOLS", was imprisoned in Tsukigata-cho, Hokkaido in 2017 for violations of the Stimulants Control Law, etc., and collapsed after complaining of poor physical condition. Died a day later.

Regarding this, his bereaved family filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court, claiming that the prison did not provide proper medical care, and seeking damages from the government.

At the trial, the government argued that "there was no problem with the response," but according to a lawyer for the bereaved family, the court urged the court to settle on the premise that the government was at fault, and the government paid 43 million yen, almost as claimed. It means that a settlement was established on the 7th by paying compensation in yen.

In this trial, a settlement was reached last year with the town that runs the municipal hospital that first examined him, with the town paying 500,000 yen.

Wife: "I was scheduled to be released from prison soon. When I think about it, my heart is clogged."

Masuko Ito, the plaintiff's wife, said, "I think the content of the settlement was good, but my husband was scheduled to be released soon, so when I think about his feelings, I feel choked up. I want the government to properly treat the inmates as human beings." was talking

Akihiro Shima, a lawyer for the bereaved family, said, "We can only assume that the government has fully admitted negligence in the settlement that paid the full amount. Various problems have been pointed out in prisons and immigration facilities, but in this case. I want many people to know as one of them."

Ministry of Justice "We will strive to implement appropriate medical care"

Regarding the establishment of the settlement, the Ministry of Justice commented, ``We will continue to make every effort to ensure the health management of the detainees and strive to provide appropriate medical care.''