China News Agency, Beijing, February 6th. Starting from February 6th, China will resume the pilot operation of national travel agencies and online travel companies to operate outbound group travel and "air ticket + hotel" business for Chinese citizens to relevant countries.

The list of pilot countries includes 20 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

On the same day, relevant outbound tourism teams across the country set off one after another from all over the country.

  The first outbound tourist group from Shanghai to Phuket, Thailand departed from Terminal T2 of Pudong International Airport on the 6th. Ms. Yang, who has traveled with the group many times and is close to 70 years old, said, "I can finally travel abroad. Fulfill the promises I made to my family."

  It is reported that the border inspection at Shanghai Airport has opened a special channel to guide passengers to quickly pass through the customs, which greatly facilitates the passage of tourists.

Zhou Weihong, head of relevant tourism companies, said that with the resumption of outbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business, the number of consultations on related businesses has soared.

  On the morning of the same day, Chen Lan, a Chengdu citizen, and his family of three arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport with their suitcases. They will also fly to Phuket, Thailand, and enjoy their first outbound trip in three years.

"We specially brought swimsuits, beach pants and sunscreen, and we are looking forward to the sunny beach and seafood barbecue in Phuket." Chen Lan said.

  On the same day, Zhang Nan, deputy director of the Chengdu Office of the Thailand National Tourism Administration, made a special trip to the departure hall of the airport to see off the plane, and took a group photo with the tourists of the "first group".

"Before the epidemic, many tourists from Sichuan traveled to Thailand every year. We very much welcome people from Sichuan to Thailand." Zhang Nan said that after China announced policies on outbound tourism, Thai tourism companies were ready to welcome Chinese tourists to Thailand.

  "Many tour guides and I feel that the outbound tourism market will be very good this year." Xu Wei, senior team leader of CYTS Chengdu and Thailand outbound tourism consultant, predicts that outbound tourism will usher in a "small peak" during the May Day holiday.

  It is understood that a number of travel agencies in Chengdu have formed outbound tour groups, and the popular destinations are concentrated in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places.

  On the same day, the 2023 Fujian Xiamen Outbound Tour Departure Group, jointly launched by many travel agencies in Xiamen, set off at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

  Zhu Hanxiong, secretary-general of the Travel Agency Branch of the Xiamen Tourism Association, told a reporter from China News Agency that with the gradual recovery of the outbound and group tour market, the city's cultural and tourism departments will guide the association and various cultural and tourism enterprises to continuously adjust the supply and services of tourism products in relevant destinations. , Improve product design ideas.

  The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that during the epidemic, the Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism System invited representatives of key overseas tourist source markets in China to come to Xiamen to experience branded tourism festivals and activities to maintain the popularity of Xiamen's city image.

At the same time, all outbound tour organizations are required to carefully plan outbound tour itinerary products to create a safe and comfortable travel environment for outbound tourists.


  (Shan Peng, Yang Fushan, Chen Jing, Shi Mingming participated in the report)