Demi Moore and the cocaine to kilos

In her memoirs, 'Inside Out',

Demi Moore

tells that she had serious problems with alcohol and cocaine -I snorted so much that I almost got another hole in my nose"- when she was in her twenties and that after going to rehab she was without drinking for 20 years.


Eva Mendes, 15 years without trying alcohol

In 2008 he entered a rehabilitation clinic to overcome his addiction to alcohol.

Since then, she says, she hasn't tried it again, something she's very proud of.


Demi Lovato, stop drugs in phases

The singer

Demi Lovato

has revealed that she started consuming alcohol at the age of 13 and cocaine at 17. In 2021 she announced that she had given up alcohol and marijuana.

She had previously advocated moderate consumption of the latter, but later backed down.


Lolita quit drugs thanks to her sister

A few years ago, Lolita told Risto Mejide on a television program that she had her period of intense drug use after the death of her brother and her mother in a period of 15 days.

Luckily for her, her daughter

From her Elena

from her told her sister

From her Rosario

from her and she managed to convince her to rectify her course.


Drew Barrymore, incredible overcoming

If there is a documented case on how it is possible to get out of the bottom of the well of alcohol and drugs, that is that of the actress

Drew Barrymore.

The actress has never escaped her questions about her early foray into that world, which led her to enter a rehabilitation clinic at the age of 13.

Her mother included her in her crazy parties since she was little - "she was more like a best friend. She would say to me, 'do you want to go to school and be bullied or come to Studio 54 with me?', she has said she said to her " , which meant that at the age of eight he had tried alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

How she got out of that situation is almost a miracle.

She was emancipated from her mother at the age of 14, she spent 30 years in therapy.

She has never completely stopped drinking, but she says to do so in moderation.


Kesha, stop drinking so you don't fail

Already in 2014, the singer acknowledged having serious problems with alcohol, which led her to have many problems with her team, which seriously threatened her artistic career.

So she sought professional help to quit.


Lindsay Lohan, finding peace in jail

The actress told Oprah Winfrey that alcohol was her first addiction, even before cocaine.

She was arrested six times for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs-"I'm not proud of what I did", she told the presenter-, she now boasts a stable and focused life.


Gwineth Paltrow: two whiskeys every night

The actress-businesswoman has acknowledged that during the confinement due to the pandemic, she drank two whiskeys a day, which ended up worrying her a lot.

And she left him.


Lana del Rey, a teenager who found alcohol "cool"

The singer has said that she had serious problems with alcohol in her adolescence.

So her family decided to put her in a boarding school.

As she has recounted, she could spend hours drinking by herself, because she seemed very 'cool' to her.

She realized that she had a serious problem when she saw that she found nothing more motivating than drinking.


Kristin Davis, complicated adolescence

The 'Sex and the City' actress has acknowledged that she abused alcohol so much in her teens that she thought she would not make it to adulthood.

Her rehabilitation helped her get out of that hole, although she is well aware that this is forever, which is why she defines herself as "a recovering alcoholic."

She has also said that "alcoholism is a disease, so you can't fool around with it."

She hasn't tried it in decades.


Mai Meneses, from taste to hell

At the end of last year, the singer told a television program that she had abused alcohol because it helped her overcome her shyness and face, among other things, the stage.

"I blew my career," she says.

She hit rock bottom, told stories, left music, returned to her parents' house and dedicated the following years to interior design.

She assures that in that time she has managed to "rebuild herself."

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