, Foshan, February 7th (Lu Dingzhen, Ou Dongyun and Guo Jun) "I sincerely thank Comrade Liu Haiping of your unit. He has given me a lot of help, and my life has become better because of it. I also thank your unit for cultivating such a A good policeman who is enthusiastic about serving the people, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is proficient in business!" Recently, a letter of thanks was sent to the Foshan Public Security Department of the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau.

In just 796 words, a very heart-warming story was revealed...

  The reporter learned from the Foshan Public Security Department of the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau that the letter's name is Wu Xue, 29 years old this year, and now a college student village official in Bijie City, Guizhou Province.

The person she wants to thank is Liu Haiping, a 59-year-old policeman who is about to retire from the Foshan Railway Public Security Department.

This heart-warming story originated from a police call for help on the K110 train 15 years ago.

  One day in April and May 2008, Liu Haiping, a police officer of the police detachment of the Foshan Railway Public Security Department, who served as the captain of the Guangzhou-Neijiang train K109/110, received a police report when he was routinely inspecting the carriages: a 14-year-old A female student in the second year of junior high school, instigated by three "mixed society" young men, was taking the train to Guangzhou to meet netizens. The girl's family called the police and asked the police to help dissuade them.

After receiving the report, Captain Liu Haiping immediately led the police team to search the entire train compartment one by one. After more than half an hour of careful work, they finally found the girl who had run away from home. The girl was sent back to her parents on the return journey of the train.

  The girl is Wu Xue. She was born in a remote and poor village in Weining County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. She has longed for the colorful metropolis since she was a child.

After Wu Xue was severely criticized by her parents and returned to school, she was still unwilling to study, so she wrote a letter to the police chief Liu Haiping who "blocked" her from "breaking into the world".

  After Liu Haiping read the girl's letter, she had a feeling of "hating iron but not steel" towards Wu Xue's learning attitude and life philosophy, and she didn't want to talk to her anymore.

But when he inadvertently saw his daughter, who was only three years older than Wu Xue, studying at his desk, Liu Haiping's heart was shocked. Wu Xue was younger than his own daughter, how could he give up studying so early?

So Liu Haiping, who has weak writing skills, wrote a heartfelt and sincere reply letter to Wu Xue, encouraging Wu Xue to put her mind on her studies, and he would treat her as his own daughter to help and support her , and promised that as long as Wu Xue got the top 5 in the class in the final exam, she would take her to Zhaoqing's home and spend the summer vacation with her daughter.

  This letter, which is lighter than a feather, carries a promise as heavy as a rock!

From then on, Wu Xue was diligent and studious with the promise, and Liu Haiping patiently waited for her to transform into a butterfly.

In the summer vacation of that year, Wu Xue's final exam scores entered the top three in the class for the first time. Liu Haiping did not break his promise, and took Wu Xue to Zhaoqing, the city where he lived, and accompanied Wu Xue to visit Zhaoqing with his daughter, and encouraged Wu Xue to develop through hard work. Broader vision, witness more colorful world.

In 2009, Wu Xue was admitted to the county's key high school with an excellent grade of 13th in the town.

  In the next few years, Liu Haiping has been paying attention to Wu Xue's studies, sending Wu Xue clothes and books from time to time, remitting some pocket money to Wu Xue when appropriate, and even giving pertinent advice when choosing a school for the college entrance examination.

With Liu Haiping's continuous care and support, Wu Xue was admitted to university in 2013. In 2017, Wu Xue successfully passed the unified examination of selected students (civil servants) in Guizhou Province and became a grassroots cadre in a township. With outstanding performance, Wu Xue was appointed as the party branch secretary of a poor village to lead the people in the village out of poverty.

  The Spring Festival travel of 2023 is the last Spring Festival travel of Liu Haiping's police career. Liu Haiping, who has been a police officer on the train for 31 years, is about to retire.

On New Year's Eve in 2023, after learning that Liu Haiping was about to retire, and to make up for the regret that Liu Haiping was absent from her wedding, Wu Xue traveled 1,200 kilometers to Zhaoqing again to spend the Spring Festival with a benefactor's family who is not a relative but is more than a relative.

  Wu Xue said that she was busy with poverty alleviation in the past few years, and now she finally has time to thank the benefactor who changed her life.

So, she wrote a late thank you letter to the Public Security Department of Foshan Railway, where Liu Haiping works, and presented the most precious pennant.

She said: While Comrade Liu Haiping is still in the bright and loving organization of the Railway Public Security, let everyone know that he is the brightest and warmest star that illuminates her along the way.