"That is the greatness of love, that it brings out the best in us, even in a wreck like you."


points to the head of a man in a suit in the rain.

The gun gleams in the headlights of a mighty Hummer.

He interrupted him with a shout:

"Screw the miguelitos!"


Immediately, Berlin extends his hand to the man in the suit, who rises from the puddle in which he had fallen to his knees.

They hug.


Apparently, the miguelitos are the police lights.

Yes, the Berlin gang is dressed in police uniforms.

Nice wink.

Let's go back in time a couple of months ago.

Let's go back to that very rainy December.

We are somewhere in the Sierra Oeste of Madrid, difficult to find under the downpour.

Only a small sign with an arrow points to a small muddy road: "Set".

It's red, of course.

We enter the filming of, possibly, the next great


success , according to its history.


is, yes, that Berlin, the one from

La Casa de Papel


And it's up to him to tell his own story, which

will be released in December


The filming of this

spin off

with the air of a prequel but impossible to locate exactly in the timeline of the original series is long and full of surprises, even for the team members.

It started on October 3 in Paris and, after a month in the French capital, he moved to Spain to continue in... Nothing, they don't give up on future scenarios.

By knowing, the actors only know that the forecast is to finish in June.

Nine months of high intensity in which they will discover, almost at the pace of the viewer, the ins and outs of the characters in their hands.

Let's go back to the Hummer scene.

The man in a suit has been taken out of a majestic building, nothing more and nothing less than

El Rincón

, the palace that

Tamara Falcó

inherited from her father, the

Marquis de Griñón

and for sale for a few days, which co-starred in her


documentary -in The platform swears that the coincidence was purely coincidental- and in which he was scheduled to celebrate his wedding.

The one that never happened.

Perhaps that is why the last cry that Berlin utters to the man in the suit resounds with echoes from the stone walls:

"But love is over"


The Berlin band attends in a spacious hall with a fireplace.

Pedro Alonso

confesses that he found out about the new series that

Álex Pina


Esther Martínez Lobato were planning when the filming of

La Casa de Papel

had not yet finished

, and that he thought about it "very seriously".

"He was aware of the magnitude of the wave that was going to be generated and the continuity of the exposure that he was going to have," he explains.

He reflected for "a day and a half" and said yes: "I felt that the character had a lot of potential to continue investigating, beyond everything that surrounds this work."

Michelle Jenner will be Keila, the brainiac of the band, in Berlin, on Netflix. TAMARA ARRANZ

The character of Berlin has indeed had a multifaceted, almost multi-personal journey throughout the five seasons of

La Casa de Papel

, and promises to be someone "completely new" in this new adventure.

In his adventures, he is accompanied by five new members of his band, with a very special faithful squire.

"Pedro and I went to school together," confesses

Tristán Ulloa

, who plays

Damián, "the Jiminy cricket from Berlin

. "

They met in drama classes when they were teenagers and had not met again, except for a few scenes in the



The Embassy

, ​​until today.

"She is a very beautiful pirouette of destiny, we wanted it," he confesses.

In that youth play, oh paradox, Alonso played a scarecrow and Ulloa a cricket:

"History repeats itself a bit"


The cast is completed by some well-known faces and one completely unprecedented on television.

Berlin is the first experience as an actor for Joel Sánchez

from the Canary Islands


Actually, he auditioned for the character of


, a young man whom Berlin saved from a complicated past who ended up playing

Julio Peña


Acacias 38


Through my window

), but they saw him as more appropriate to play


, " a very multifaceted brainless, multipurpose and decisive".

"Berlín is a guy who likes to have fun"

, says Sánchez, "and that is why he has joined a younger band that brings him joviality".

The beginning of the filming of Berlin, from Netflix, took place in Paris. TAMARA ARRANZ

Two women complete the clan:

Michelle Jenner

, the mythical Sara from

Los hombres de Paco

, gets into the skin of the brainiac of the group,


, a cybersecurity analyst: "In all the intellectual part she performs very well, but in the emotional and social parts, not so much."


Begoña Vargas , who was Verónica de García in the



Alta Mar

, will now be

Cameron, "the kamikaze"

, a "very strong woman with a lot of character and some darkness" that has cost her especially because, for the first time , you have found a character that resembles you.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the filming to avoid


, what is clear is that


will touch the "golden age" of the character in all its dimensions to create something that breaks with La Casa de Papel, a romantic comedy "with many nuances".

"They have taken all the balls out of the bag and have searched for new chords until the balls are fitting", describes

Pedro Alonso


Berlin is finding "its own stamp"

, and "it loves to design gadgets, which are pretexts, to be able to feel", says Alonso.

"He forces reality until in the end he feels, even if it is despite himself."

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