After CCTV Spring Festival Gala's stunning debut, the new work "As Seen" landed in the National Center for the Performing Arts

See also "Peach Red" Tang Shiyi is the backbone of the new work

  Following the stunning opening of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala creative program "Man Ting Fang·National Beauty" in the Year of the Rabbit with "Peach Red", the chief dancer of China Opera and Dance Theater Tang Shiyi brought her new work "As Seen" to the National Center for the Performing Arts stage.

  On the evening of February 4th, the dance theater "If You See", directed by Tang Shiyi and young director Zheng Zihao, premiered at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

That night, Tang Shiyi, young dancer Zhao Lei and dancers from Inner Mongolia Hohhot Cultural Tourism Investment Group performed the life story of "Poetic life, like seeing you and me".

  She learned to dance at the age of 6 and won awards frequently at the age of 16. Tang Shiyi has always been regarded as a "genius dancer".

Over the years, she has created a series of characters on the stage, such as Wang Zhaojun, Zhu Yingtai, Mrs. Gan, Zhang Chunru, etc. with her elegant, agile and free-spirited dance, which has also deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience.

In "As Seen", Tang Shiyi not only played the leading role, but also acted as the chief director for the first time. In her opinion, the chief director is a huge challenge, which determines the direction of the work, so "the chief director must be the backbone of the work."

  After this performance, "If You See" will also go on tour in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places.

  Make an exception and become the chief dancer of China Song

  Although not born into an artistic family, Tang Shiyi has shown unusual artistic talent since childhood.

At the age of 6, she started learning dance with the support of her parents.

In the college entrance examination, he entered the Beijing Dance Academy with the first grade in his major.

  In 2006, 16-year-old Tang Shiyi won the Gold Award in the "Tao Li Cup" Classical Dance Youth Group for her interpretation of the graceful girl under the oil-paper umbrella in "Green Rain and Orchid".

This is the first important award in her life.

Since then, she has become a regular victor in dance competitions, and successively won the gold medal in female Chinese classical dance in the A-level youth group A of the "Taoli Cup" national dance competition, and the silver medal in the comprehensive group of the CCTV TV Dance Grand Prix.

At the age of 21, in the 8th "Lotus Award" competition of Chinese dance with extremely high gold content, she won the highest honor award for personal performance - special award for her dance performance of "Water Moon and Luoshen".

  After graduating from university, Tang Shiyi entered the China Opera and Dance Theater.

Although her height did not meet the rigid requirements of Zhongge, she made an exception and was admitted as the chief dancer by virtue of her extraordinary strength.

  From "Tang Poetry Yi Wu" to "As You See"

  The dance theater "As Seen" is divided into three chapters: "Dwelling Poeticly", "Life Moving Forward", and "Looking Back in Time".

On the night of the performance, the curtain opened, the lights gradually turned on, and a reverie about life slowly unfolded...

  "From the very beginning, "Seeing" is a concept of dance theater. What is dance theater? Dance theater has an obvious context and the performance of characters, which are closely linked. Dance theater is more inclusive, and we also I hope to present more points in front of the audience, and make some connections among these points." As the chief director, Tang Shiyi was very clear about his ideas from the very beginning, and the presentation of "If You See" is indeed not like a dance drama That kind of focus on drama, but more emphasis on using dance vocabulary to express imagery.

  "The origin of "As Seen" originated from a dance theater I did many years ago." In 2016, Tang Shiyi launched the dance theater "Tang Shiyi Dance" for the first time.

In addition to dancing, she also participated in a series of work such as choreography conception, costume design, lighting and dance beauty.

Tang Shiyi revealed that since then, he has always had an idea and wanted to do a second season.

  ""Tang Shiyi Dance" is a process from classical to modern." Tang Shiyi told reporters, "Green Rain and Orchid", "Shuiyue Luoshen", "Zhaojun's Outing of the Fortress"...I have done many classical dance works in the past, and in 2016 When arranging "Tang Poems and Dances" last year, I chose how to have a dialogue with previous cultures, "That was my thinking when I first created. I can perform classical state, and I can do it with ease. As a post-90s youth, how do we To understand the current era? So when I have another chance to make a work, I hope to have some relationship with the current era, so I have this dance work - "As Seen" as "Tang Shiyi Dance" season two."

  The chief director is the backbone of the work

  "Tang Shiyi Dance" let Tang Shiyi taste the sweetness of creation.

In "As Seen", she has completely transformed into the chief director, not only responsible for the overall direction of the work, but also involved in all links, which is a huge challenge for Tang Shiyi, "The biggest feeling of being the chief director is , you are the backbone of a work, decide the direction of the whole work, all things and all directions need to be decided by you, and all decisions are presented as the effect on the stage.”

  In addition to the general director, Tang Shiyi also served as the lead actor in "If You See Me", "It is very difficult to be a director and lead actor at the same time, because there is really not enough time." Although Tang Shiyi has always believed that he must first be a good actor, In order to be better qualified as a director.

However, in the rehearsal scene, this situation often occurs: it is agreed to perform first, but seeing the situation on the scene, I can't help but guide everyone's performance.

  As a dancer who has worked hard for more than ten years, Tang Shiyi understands what actors need.

In her opinion, a dancer must have a strong heart and a sense of strength. "It takes time to practice every time you raise your hand and look back." It is this understanding that made her sit on the director's seat. Sometimes, it is also very good to walk into the hearts of the actors and complete the work with them.

  Many of the actors in "As Seen" were born in dance theater, and they are not very familiar with this kind of performance that is not very concrete.

In addition, actors from Inner Mongolia have a deep-rooted brand of folk dance and are not very skilled in modern dance.

As a director, Tang Shiyi did not give up her high demands on the actors. She invited professional dance teachers to correct the movements and feelings of the actors bit by bit to help everyone present their best performance.

  For a better performance effect, Tang Shiyi and his director partner Zheng Zihao also "quarreled" a lot, "We are both relatively persistent people, and we have our own opinions. We often discuss a problem for an hour or two without necessarily getting a result. We have not been accepted. Persuasion, you can’t let this thing pass.” Although the creation process took a lot of time, Tang Shiyi felt that the efforts were worthwhile, “We all know what the other is doing, and we believe in each other 100%. This is A very good cooperation model.” Text/Reporter Tian Wanting

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