China News Agency, Beijing, February 6th (Reporter Gao Kai) From China Central Radio and Television's "Flower Lanterns Shining All Over the Seas" that gathers Chinese characteristic lanterns in the southeast and northwest, to Henan Satellite TV's "Unchanging Festival" presented by different dynasties' Lantern Festival folk scenes A sense of ritual”; from Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage Check-in Group” to Shandong Satellite TV’s innovative expression of another “Chinese trend”, the beauty of traditional culture will occupy an absolute “C position” on the screen during the Lantern Festival in 2023. The innovative and in-depth expression has won the recognition of the audience.

  That night, a series of Chinese traditional folk crafts selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list, such as Beijing Lanterns, Qinhuai Lanterns, Xiashi Lanterns, and Chaozhou Lanterns, made a surprise appearance on the stage of the Lantern Festival Gala of China Central Radio and Television. The actual shooting of the Lantern Festival echoes the festive atmosphere of the beautiful China of the Lantern Festival with a strong momentum.

  On this stage, the beauty of traditional culture has never been absent.

On the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rabbit, from the overall stage design inspired by the name of the Chinese classical literature "Man Ting Fang", to the new blooming of "Hundred Birds Returning to Their Nests", one of the four famous scores of Nanyin, to the "Picture of Monks Performing Martial Arts" in the Guanyin Hall of Shaolin Temple "The stage version of the murals is stunningly "resurrected", and a series of programs that continue the traditional beauty have new ideas and left a deep impression on the audience.

  During the Lantern Festival, innovative programs deeply rooted in Chinese culture bloom again.

The new Chinese music piece "Hundred Phoenixes Chaoyang", created by many performers, played the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese nation, and won the audience's praise of "too beautiful, too burning"; the new interpretation of "New Flowers and Full Moon Night" will Hebei Bamboo Banshu and Suzhou Pingtan are two traditional forms of folk art. In the melody of "Flowers and Full Moon", a dialogue between North and South folk art is slowly going on, and the meaning of perfection and beauty fills the screen and outside.

  Outside of the CCTV stage, the beauty of traditional culture blossomed everywhere in the Lantern Festival Gala held by local TV stations that night.

  In recent years, Henan Satellite TV, which has frequently appeared in the circle to show the beauty of the strong national style, has released a "coup" during the Lantern Festival. A wonderful journey of "majestic national style", unlocking the ancient and modern space of "Lantern Festival".

  Among them, the dance "Chinese Mythology Nuwa Mends the Sky" interprets "the legend of Nuwa making man and mending the sky from the earth"; ", the interpretation of the song shows the elegance of the Song Dynasty with beautiful pictures; the dance "Rui Hegui" is based on Mi Fu's "Cloud Rising Tower", ingeniously connects the beautiful scenery of China; , Integrating innovative forms such as rock and opera soundtracks, bringing a new expression of traditional opera.

  "2023 Jiangsu Satellite TV Lantern Festival Gala" embarks on a journey of exploring the beauty of traditional culture through the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Punch Group".

Suzhou embroidery folk craftsmen and Song brocade weaving craftsmen ingeniously integrated traditional crafts to jointly create a creative co-branded sachet that amazed the audience; intangible cultural heritage recommenders brought intangible cultural heritage skills such as shell carving and "Xinyuan Willow Weaving" to the screen to show traditional culture The vitality that radiates in the present moment.

  At the Lantern Festival Gala held by Shandong Satellite TV with the theme of "Lights and Lights to Welcome the Chinese Tide", young singers and young poets reinterpreted poems such as "Pipa Xing", "Night Rain Sending the North" and "Spring River Flower and Moon Night" with popular songs. The pipa is played throughout; hip-hop dancers re-interpret "Nezha Naohai" with creative arrangements, conveying the watchfulness and persistence of contemporary youth through cool visual language.

  On the night of the first full moon in the Year of the Rabbit, the screens here are full of splendor. Although the themes and casts of many cultural evenings are different, the "C position" of traditional culture is all prominent and firm. The multi-faceted beauty not only won the audience, but also aroused the resonance of tradition and modernity, continuing the traditional theme carried by this full moon night.