February 5th is the Lantern Festival. Various traditional cultural activities are held in various places to celebrate the festival and celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  In Guangdong, there are drone shows and fireworks shows in Guangzhou, showing citizens the splendid landscape of "Fire Trees, Silver Flowers Never Night".

There is also a "burning dragon" in Meizhou, praying for good weather and a good harvest.

  In Jiangyong, Hunan, a folk culture parade composed of 15 dragon and lion teams took to the streets, bringing folk culture feasts to the public.

  In Tianjin, there are exhibitions such as the traditional cultural "intangible cultural heritage" market and the youth Hanfu show, which attract people of all ages to check in and share, stop to experience, and feel the atmosphere of traditional festivals up close.

  In Xiuning, Anhui Province, every household in Youlong Village danced a bench dragon more than 100 meters long to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  In Xining, Qinghai, there are streets and alleys in various districts of Xining City. Red lights are hung high and dragon gates are erected. People enjoy the lights and take pictures on the colorful Lantern Street.

  In Chongqing, on the evening of the Lantern Festival, a fire dragon show is staged in the thousand-year-old town of Chongqing Ciqikou, igniting the festive atmosphere.

(China News Agency comprehensive report production Liu Peng)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]