Solène Delinger 4:50 p.m., February 6, 2023, modified at 4:53 p.m., February 6, 2023

Netflix is ​​devoting a documentary series to an extraordinary dog: Gunther, a German shepherd with a fortune of 400 million dollars, a doggie who eats caviar and travels by private jet.

But where does this money come from?

Who manages it?

Isn't this canine myth a huge deception?

The documentary reveals the underside of this much darker financial empire than it looks...

Contrary to what his fortune might suggest, he wears neither a suit nor a tie, but a collar (in faux-diamond) and a leash.

Gunther VI is a millionaire, yes, but is a dog too.

A German Shepherd with luxurious tastes who eats caviar, gold-leaf steaks, and flies in a private jet.

This pretty doggie is, according to legend, the descendant of a family of dogs who inherited an enormous fortune that belonged to Karlotta Liebenstein, a mysterious countess. 

Gunther's myth, a huge deception? 

Does Gunther's story intrigue you?

So go watch 

Gunther, the dog that was worth millions.

This documentary series, available on Netflix since February 1, explores the extraordinary destiny of this German shepherd at the head of a fortune of 400 million dollars, and reveals the dark backstage of his ultra bling-bling daily life.

Because wouldn't this story of a lucky dog ​​be a huge deception?

A myth invented by men with dubious designs? 

Gunther, a German Shepherd who has a sense of business 

Because Gunther obviously has a sense of business.

He knows how to invest where it is needed, when it is needed.

Proof of this: he bought Madonna's house in 2001 for $7.5 million (with a real check signed by him) and sold it a year ago for $31.75 million.

Selling agent Ruthie Assouline couldn't believe it: "We've sold countless multi-million dollar homes, but this is definitely a first. When the dog handlers told me that a dog owned the property, I couldn't believe it," he commented in


magazine after the house was sold.

Even more incredible, legend has it that Gunther slept for years in Madonna's "red velvet bed". 

"Mian has built an empire in the name of his canine boss"

Behind this myth hides in fact a businessman, Maurizio Mian, in charge of "pampering Gunther", his "canine boss".

As you have understood, the owner of the dog does not content himself with giving him a tickle and feeding him.

He built an empire with his fortune.

Luxury properties, nightclubs, sports clubs… Maurizio Mian acquired all these properties through the company Gunther Corporation, founded in 1998 and based in the Bahamas.

All of the Italian businessman's purchases go through the name of the Gunther Corporation.

To put it simply, he exploited the image of Gunther, the cute German shepherd, to acquire his property.

"For 30 years, the man has built an empire on behalf of his canine boss, multiplying the purchases of luxury properties, questionable social experiments,