China News Service, Hangzhou, February 6th (Wang Title) February 5th is the Lantern Festival in China.

That night, the 2023 "Welcome to the Asian Games and Celebrate the Lantern Festival" fireworks and light show bloomed brilliantly in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

This is the first time that Hangzhou has restarted the fireworks festival after 11 years.

  It is reported that the fireworks light show is divided into two parts: the light show and the fireworks show.

Among them, the light show is mainly based on the Lantern Festival light show in Qianjiang New City, which incorporates elements to welcome the Asian Games, and the lighting projects along both sides of the river are coordinated to warm up the scene.

  For the fireworks show, 4 high-altitude discharge points, 1 medium-low altitude discharge point, and 30 single-shot bouquet formations are set up. Art fireworks total about 30,000 rounds.

The maximum lift-off height is 160 meters, and the discharge level (fireworks scale) is level II.

  The reporter learned that because many people arrived at the viewing point of the fireworks and light show through public travel, the Hangzhou subway that day could be described as "people follow the crowd".

Drone performance photo by Wang Gang

  At around 17:00 on the same day, "Hangzhou Metro" posted a message on Weibo, "Currently, the passenger flow outside the Civic Center Station is close to saturation. Citizen friends who are going to watch the fireworks and light show should choose the nearest station to get off. This brings you Sorry for the inconvenience."

  That night, countless Hangzhou citizens and tourists witnessed the resumption of the fireworks display on both sides of the Qiantang River.

  Among them, many citizens and tourists went to the banks of the Qiantang River early in the day to find the best spots to watch the fireworks.

For example, Mr. Wang, a photographer.

  He revealed that he arrived at the bank of the Qiantang River at around 2 pm that day. At that time, there were already many photographers squatting on the promenade with "long guns and short cannons".

He chose a point facing the discharge area and waited to shoot.

  The fly in the ointment is that due to the heavy fog on the Qiantang River that night, the fireworks that were set off on the spot did not have the best viewing effect on the other side of the Qiantang River.

  Mr. Wang also admitted that he only photographed a few fireworks with good results, and the other fireworks were "seeing flowers in the fog", which is a bit hazy and beautiful.

  Ms. Zhao, a Hangzhou resident who watched the fireworks and light show on the cruise ship Fuchun Shanju, said excitedly that it is very rare to have the opportunity to enjoy the fireworks display on the Qiantang River. After all, it has not been held for 11 years.

  Seeing the bright fireworks blooming one after another, and hearing the screams around, Ms. Zhao's eyes turned red, "I feel so excited, it's so beautiful, grand and splendid."

  It is worth mentioning that, in order to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere, in addition to the fireworks and light show, the "Song Fu Hangzhou Year"-2023 Lantern Festival Lantern Riddles Garden Party is also in full swing in Hangzhou.

More than 3,000 lantern riddles, 6 experiential games, and 14 groups of intangible cultural heritage interactive projects set up in the event further enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the people and maximized the people's sense of cultural acquisition and happiness.