China News Service, Zhengzhou, February 6th (Reporter Han Zhangyun) On the evening of February 4th, in the program "National Wind and Power 2023 Lantern Festival Wonderful Tour" broadcast on Henan Satellite TV, Zhang Xiaoying participated in the program "Big Drama Debut" which mixes Henan opera with rock and roll , the opera rhyme and opera tone reveal a trendy flavor, especially the "plot + special effects" method used at the end of the show to dance the classic color matching in the opera performance into a visual feast, and the sense of national style atmosphere is instantly full.

Such a wonderful idea won praise from netizens.

  Zhang Xiaoying is an actress of Henan Provincial Opera Troupe.

As an opera actor, this is not the first time Zhang Xiaoying has "out of the circle".

The magical and emotional electronic version of the Henan opera episode in the hit movie "Manjianghong" in the Spring Festival in 2023 has become the popular short video background music nowadays, and its singer is Zhang Xiaoying.

She sang 7 classic arias of Henan opera, including "The Fifth World Invites a Ying", "Mulan" and "Exploring the Yin Mountain", and she became popular because of this.

  From the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Zhang Xiaoying's schedule is full. In addition to participating in the recording of Henan Satellite TV's "Lantern Festival Wonderful Tour", on the thirteenth day of the first lunar month (February 3), she also went to Baofeng, Henan Province to participate in the Majie Book Fair. Famous storytelling artist Liu Lanfang dream linkage: Liu Lanfang spoke "The Legend of Yue Fei" on the spot, and then Zhang Xiaoying sang the Henan opera episode of the movie "Man Jianghong", which surprised the audience.

  Zhang Xiaoying, who was born in an aristocratic family in Liyuan, grew up listening to, learning and singing operas.

In the opera industry, she sang "Caidan", commonly known as "the female clown". Her humorous, natural and smart performance was loved by the audience, and she was known as "the first female clown in the Central Plains".

  In an interview with a reporter from, Zhang Xiaoying said that the episode of the movie "Man Jianghong" mixed Henan opera and electronic music. This novel style opened her eyes, and she also liked this artistic innovation.

The picture shows the opera program on the cultural performance at the launching ceremony of the 2023 "Happy Chinese New Year" global event.

(Data map) Photo by Han Zhangyun

  "Especially after seeing many netizens commenting that the electronic music version of Henan opera is very exciting, I am sure of this cross-border 'mash-up', which is a great encouragement to me." Zhang Xiaoying said that the movie "Man Jianghong" did not make her popular , It is the art of Henan Opera that has "out of the circle".

As an opera performer, it is her responsibility and mission to spread the art of opera.

"In the future, as long as the public likes it, this kind of cross-border and linkage will continue. After all, this is a way to spread the art of opera."

  The art of opera is a pearl in the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Long before the movie "Man Jianghong", the art of opera "out of the circle" has been traced.

  The 4K panoramic sound Cantonese opera movie "The Legend of the White Snake·Love", which was released in May 2021, achieved "breaking the circle" with young audiences as the main audience.

In 2020, the opera program "Jing·Hong" at Station B's New Year's Eve party uses a dream dance to connect Kunqu Opera, Qin Opera, Pingju Opera, Sichuan Opera, Hebei Bangzi, and Peking Opera to bring a different kind of opera art experience to young audiences.

Popular songs such as "New Drunken Concubine" and "Wukong" use Peking Opera elements in them, and they are widely sung...

  "Xiqu+" makes the ancient opera art "out of the circle" frequently, which also gives confidence to young opera performers.

Yan Qichao, a 27-year-old young actor from the Baofeng Yu Opera Troupe in Henan Province, told reporters that nowadays, whether it is short videos or big screens, opera is an increasingly common cultural element. He believes that opera will catch the hearts of young people sooner or later.

  "Now that the national tide is on the rise, the expression of opera art is more diversified and trendy, which fits the aesthetics of young audiences. Especially the older generation of artists practice it themselves, including innovations in film soundtracks and bold changes in singing. , and got a good market response.” Yan Qichao said that these strengthened his confidence in taking the career path of opera.