[Site] Happy Lantern Festival.

  [Explanation] On February 4th, the eve of the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Haikou Foreign Affairs Office held the "Coconut City International Salon" event, inviting friends from Croatia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries to gather together to enjoy the Lantern Festival and experience Chinese traditional culture and festive atmosphere.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the scene that Chinese festival elements such as Spring Festival couplets, Chinese knots, and lanterns can be seen everywhere. Chinese traditional folk customs, feel the strong Chinese "New Year flavor".

  [Commentary] Francis Q.Tuschek, a Croatian guy, has been in China for 6 years. He loves Chinese traditional culture very much, and introduced Chinese traditional festivals to other foreign friends at the event site.

He believes that Chinese traditional festivals are well preserved, and the people attach great importance to traditional festivals.

  [Concurrent] Croatian friend Francis Q.Tuschek

  I think China (during traditional festivals) is more lively, and traditional Chinese (festivals) customs are better preserved. There are various activities, for example, the lantern was just made in (made).

There are many classical traditions that you still do, but we are not like this, we don't have so many traditional aspects.

  [Commentary] Yuri from Ukraine has lived in China for 6 years and is very happy to experience traditional Chinese festivals.

In his opinion, the way of celebrating traditional Chinese festivals is different from that of his hometown, but there are also similarities.

  [Concurrent] Ukrainian friend Yuri

  The way our hometown (Ukraine) celebrates the new year is very different from China, where people spend a lot of time with their families to celebrate the new year, in my hometown we may have a new year dinner together, but soon They hang out with their friends, but there are also similar activities, such as setting off some beautiful fireworks, such as (there is a celebration in Ukraine) male and female friends hold hands and jump over a brazier, implying that the relationship between two people is stronger than gold, and they are not afraid of going through fire and water. It's quite interesting, it can be said that there are many differences but also similarities.

I look forward to more events like this in Hainan in the future, after all, who doesn’t like Hainan?

  [Explanation] Lin Xian, Chief of the International Exchange Section of the Haikou Foreign Affairs Office, said that the purpose of holding such activities is to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, increase mutual friendship, and allow foreign friends in foreign countries to find a sense of belonging at home.

  [Concurrent] Lin Xian, Chief of the International Exchange Section of Haikou Foreign Affairs Office

  As the saying goes, all are brothers in the world. Our original intention of hosting such exchange activities is also to enhance the friendship and exchanges between Chinese and foreign people, so that foreign friends and entrepreneurs who work and live here can truly find a sense of belonging (sense) like home. Can truly integrate into the local culture and community, so that they can better understand Chinese culture.

  Reported by Chen Yingqing and Luo Yunfei from Haikou

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]