On the evening of the 6th, a worker who was welding at a biomass power plant under construction in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture collapsed. It means that it is a heavy body.

According to the fire department, around 4:30 pm on the 6th, a biomass power plant under construction in the port of Omaezaki City reported that a worker who was welding had collapsed in a tank under construction.

When the fire department confirmed, it was found that several workers had fallen in a tank with a depth of about 25 meters, and according to the fire department, five people were taken to the hospital, and one of them was conscious. It means that it is an unknown weight.

Of the other four, there is information that two have severe symptoms and the remaining two have mild symptoms, but the details are unknown.

This biomass power plant is being constructed on a reclaimed land in Omaezaki City and Makinohara City by a company invested by Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and will burn woody biomass fuel such as pellets in a boiler to generate steam. It is scheduled to start operation in July.

At this company, ``Today, welding work was being done in a building with a boiler, and a worker was found lying down due to lack of oxygen.''

What is the situation near the scene?

Footage taken by NHK at the site in Omaezaki just before 7pm shows ambulances and fire engines with red sirens gathering near a building under construction.

You can also see the stretcher carrying the injured, but you can't see the person on board.

Dozens of firefighters and others are gathered around, and you can also see them carrying cylinders and going in and out of the building.

The vehicle has the letters "SSR" indicating the special advanced rescue team of the Shizuoka City Fire Department.