(New Year’s walk to the grassroots) Yan’an, Shaanxi: Railway couples on the Yellow River Bridge

  Chinanews.com, Xi'an, February 5th (Zhang Yuan Liu Xiang) The Haoji Railway Bridge across the Yellow River is extremely busy during the Spring Festival travel season. Every few minutes, a heavy-duty freight train full of coal gallops past. Ship tens of thousands of tons of coal to various parts of the South.

  In the courtyard of the Lingbao East comprehensive maintenance workshop of the Yan'an operation and maintenance section of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd., 41 kilometers away, an efficient division of labor is underway.

The foreman of the work area assigned the work content to the signal workers, and made arrangements for everyone's responsibility.

Among them, 34-year-old Feng Yasukawa is the person in charge of this operation.

After accepting the task, everyone went to the material warehouse, prepared tools and accessories according to the job requirements, and drove to the planned job site by car.

The picture shows Feng Yasukawa preparing to replace the light bulb for the faulty signal.

Photo by Liu Xiang

  Suddenly, a fault alarm sounded in the production command center of the workshop.

"At Qiaotou Station, the main filament of the 6281 signal machine is broken and an alarm is issued!" The monitoring system issued a nervous prompt.

  It turned out that the main filament of the 6281 signal machine located in the middle of the bridge was faulty, and the spare filament was automatically lit. Immediate disposal was required to ensure the normal display of the lights and the safe operation of the train.

Soon, the railway mobile phone in Feng Jingchuan's hand rang quickly. On the other end of the phone, the workshop issued an urgent task. Since Feng Jingchuan's operation team was closest to the fault signal machine, he and the guards were required to go to deal with it immediately.

  "Master, it's an emergency, let's go to the Yellow River Bridge first!" Feng Jingchuan told the driver.

After a while, the car arrived under the Yellow River Bridge. Feng Jingchuan arranged for other team members to continue to work at the original planned location, and led the protector He Shanmei to board the approach bridge deck from the working access door on the slope protection.

The picture shows the two avoiding the train while heading to the work site.

Photo by Liu Xiang

  Because it is winter, the 70-meter-high bridge is cold and windy.

After pulling over to avoid 2 speeding trains and walking quickly for 2 kilometers on the footpath cover with a width of less than half a meter on the edge of the bridge deck, the two came to the malfunctioning 6281 signal machine.

  Protector He Shanmei, who is in charge of personal safety, kept looking at the direction of incoming vehicles at both ends of the bridge, and kept in touch with the station with a special railway mobile phone, grasped the passing time of the train, and organized two people to stand up and avoid in advance.

After the application for working time was approved, Feng Yasukawa immediately started to open the maintenance cover, measure the status of the circuit, and replace the main light bulb. In less than 5 minutes, the main filament of the signal machine returned to normal state.

When the workshop informed that the alarm was lifted, both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

  The footsteps of the return journey are no longer in a hurry. Walking on the magnificent bridge, the magnificent Yellow River has become the most beautiful scenery in the eyes of the two.

"I was quite nervous just now when I was walking on the bridge in such a hurry and the wind was so strong," said He Shanmei.

"Then it's all resolved, no trouble, and a light body. After so many days, we can finally go home and rest today. Let's take Little Mango to see the swans. I promised her before the Spring Festival." Feng Jingchuan smiled. speak.

The picture shows Feng Jingchuan quickly dealt with the signal machine failure under the protection of He Shanmei.

Photo by Liu Xiang

  It turns out that Feng Jingchuan and He Shanmei are not only co-workers, but also a couple. The 3-year-old Xiao Mango is their lovely daughter.

He Shanmei is 30 years old this year. She grew up in Guilin, Guangxi. She is a delicate southern girl, so she was assigned to be a protective guard to protect the safety of the workers.

And Feng Jingchuan is the business backbone of the work area, using skilled maintenance skills to protect the reliability of railway signal equipment.

  During this year's Spring Festival travel, the couple have been sticking to their posts, and Feng Jingchuan has not had a day off since before the Spring Festival.

In the evening, Little Mango followed his parents to see the swan he was thinking about, and happily fulfilled the wish he had been talking about before the Spring Festival, and it was approaching the Lantern Festival.

  During the busy Spring Festival travel season, this railway couple guarded each other, guarded their small family, and guarded the busy Haoji Railway together, allowing the trains full of coal to drive to all parts of the country, lighting up the lights of thousands of families.