The two governments will repatriate at least two of the four Japanese nationals detained in immigration facilities in the Philippines on suspicion of giving instructions in a series of wide-area robberies across the country on the 7th. I learned from interviews with investigators that they are adjusting in the direction.

There is still a possibility that all four people will be together, and the Metropolitan Police Department, which has an arrest warrant for another special fraud case, will dispatch an investigator to the Philippines on the 6th for transfer.

Yuki Watanabe (38), Tomonobu Kojima (45), Seiya Fujita (38), and Imamura, who are detained in an immigration facility in the Philippines and have an arrest warrant issued by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of being involved in a special fraud. The four suspects, Mato (38), are members of a group based in the Philippines that made fraudulent calls to Japan, and according to the Metropolitan Police Department, Watanabe is believed to be the ringleader of the group. .

The four were suspected of having given instructions in a series of wide-area robberies, and discussions have continued between the Japanese and Philippine governments to repatriate them. An interview with investigative officials revealed that at least two of them were being coordinated to be repatriated to Japan on the 7th.

In addition, regarding Watanabe and Kojima, who are on trial for other violent cases in the Philippines, the legal conditions for deportation will be met depending on the hearing of the trial held on the 6th. It means that there is a possibility that it will be deported all at once.

For this reason, the Metropolitan Police Department, which has an arrest warrant for the four people, will dispatch investigators to the Philippines on the 6th for transfer, and about 15 people, including the person in charge of the National Police Agency, will go to the site. .

The Metropolitan Police Department plans to arrest the members as soon as they are deported, investigate special fraud, and investigate the connection with a series of robberies in earnest.

If the trial of the two suspects is terminated, all four may be handed over.

Of the four suspects Japanese police have requested the Philippines to extradite, Watanabe and Kojima are facing extradition to Japan due to ongoing violence trials in the Philippines. legal conditions are not in place.

Under these circumstances, the hearing of these two trials will be held at the court in Manila, the capital, on the morning of the 6th local time.

The Philippine prosecutor's office has requested that the trial be terminated, and a lawyer representing the two men told NHK on the 5th, "We will comply with legal procedures and leave deportation to the government." He expressed his willingness to accept the court's decision.

If the trial is terminated after the trial on the 6th, the Philippine government may hand over all four to Japan on the 7th, and the court's decision will be watched.