The 726th show begins

  It's time for "Tea House" to open again this year

  A "Tea House", staged every year is a carnival for the crew and a benefit for the audience. However, this year's happiness came a bit suddenly. The performance of the classic version of "Teahouse" on February 2 continued the festive atmosphere gathered by the stars.

The 726th session of "Old Yutai" opened again, with the richness of the tea, and the freshness with a slightly different heat.

Although even Liang Guanhua, who holds the "Bian Tian Zhang", can't remember whether it is 365 games or 356 games in this version, but the Mesozoic people of Renyi are rushing all the way to the 374 games written by the old predecessors.

This round of performances will last until February 12 (the 5th and 9th will be closed).

  "We have to hand over when we can act, otherwise it will be very difficult for young people to build tall buildings on the ground"

  The succession of "Teahouse" seems to be an eternal topic. As the dean, Feng Yuanzheng will inevitably be asked about the timetable for the transition between the old and the new.

"A few days ago in the rehearsal field we were still chatting about the issue of succession. Everyone had an idea, that is, don't wait until we can't perform, and then complete the transition as soon as possible. We can help them while we are still able to do it. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for young people to build high-rise buildings on the ground. In the past two years, there has been a gratifying phenomenon in theaters, that is, old actors will come back to share the stage with young actors, even if it is a small role. "Lao She's father played in very few scenes, but he is very interested in putting on makeup for himself every night before the performance, especially the burns on Lao She's face when his father passed away, and his attitude towards art has set a model for young actors. It shows that they are full of expectations for the future of Renyi. Although the audiences faced by actors of each generation are different, "Tea House" as a family drama of Renyi cannot be out of shape." From 1999 to the present, this version of "Tea House" has gone through Feng Yuanzheng said, "When we were in our 30s, we experienced a trough in drama. At one stage, the performances in the Capital Theater were not full. People's desire for art was not so strong. What the audience paid attention to It’s how to sing and how to take a bath, but in recent years everyone has begun to pay attention to culture, especially the actors of our generation who have experienced troughs, and have never given up on the spirit created by old artists. In Renyi, spiritual inheritance may be more important.”

  After "Under the Red Flag" and "Tea House", another classic "Thunderstorm" will take over the stage of Renyi, but the creation of new dramas will also become the theme of Renyi this year. A number of new plays are waiting to be staged. In July, there will be another new Beijing-style drama staged.

"Starting from "The Bench", we hope that each of Renyi's future works will be high-quality goods. Even if it is a small theater, we must put an end to the existence of crude and improvised works." Feng Yuanzheng said.

  "What the audience wants to see is the original Beijing city"

  Yang Lixin, the artistic director of the revival, was the most anxious, calling himself an "anxious person" rather than a "convener". "It is not easy for young people to understand that era. I remember Mr. Zhu Lin asked Mr. Cao Yu when she was playing "Thunderstorm" that Lu's mother found out that this is Zhou Puyuan's home, why didn't she leave? But now the actors have no way to ask such questions. The advantage of our generation is that it used to be Having been on the same stage with the seniors, I was somewhat influenced by them. In the 1980s (the last century) when they were in full strength, we acted with them. Although they were only small roles, the kind of influence is still incomparable. Today’s Beijing City is no longer the Beijing City of the past, but what the audience wants to see is the original Beijing City. Young audiences have never seen the Beijing City that Mr. Lao She said that sunny days are like an incense burner and rainy days are like a cartridge. Life is getting farther and farther away from us, life is farther away from us, and creation is even farther away.”

  From green to mature, Wu Gang, who played Tang Tiezui, said that his lines have been melted in his blood for more than 20 years, but he has a new understanding every time.

"I meet with the audience every year. Fans come from all over the world, but in fact, it is the drama that attracts them. Every year, new actors join in. If we have time, we will find a relatively abundant time to make this drama better. Line up."

  "The focus of the audience is scattered, but what we want to convey is the classic nature of the show"

  "Treasurer Wang" Liang Guanhua's small ledger is no secret. This object, nicknamed "Bian Tian Zhang" by the crew, is asked about it almost every year in the performance, and he will patiently answer the topic of "Bian Tian Zhang", such as the record above The number of shows, the replacement of actors, and even small flaws on the stage and so on.

In fact, the so-called "Bian Tian Zhang" is the props book in the play, but it was used by Liang Guanhua for recording, "The current use is the third book that has been recorded since 2014, and the previous one was also collected by the People's Art Theater Museum. After more than 300 performances, Liang Guanhua feels that compared with the previous cautiousness, he is more confident now, and his heart is still surging. "Mr. Lao She's words are closely integrated with history and reality. The foresight in the script , The summary and prediction of social development is convincing." Although he hopes that the audience can see the development of history and society, Liang Guanhua also knows that the focus of the audience is actually very scattered. It feels like watching a sketch, but I hope the audience can truly understand where the classicism of this play lies. Teacher Su Min and Tongdi taught us to know what is high and what is low, from performance and literature It must be distinguished in the script, as an actor, don't get carried away by the applause of the audience."

  "Only "Tea House" has the quality of cultural relics"

  "Chang Siye" Pu Cunxin has just finished playing Mr. Lao She in "Under the Red Flag", and then walked into the characters in Lao She's works non-stop. In his opinion, "The reason for buying tickets to watch "Tea House" is still Mr. Lao She. We are on stage. There is also the kind of intoxication that we like to talk about. The lines are so fun to write, and we often quote the lines of "Tea House" in our lives. (So) Teacher Shizhi said that literature nurtures this theater, and great writers provide the theater with Literary foundation, the quality of literary theater is very important."

  In "Teahouse" at the beginning of 1999, Pu Cunxin said that he was looking for a way and a door at first, which was relatively superficial. "I specially invited Mr. Huang Zongjiang to watch the play. After he came out, he didn't say a word of comment all the way, just said 'it's not easy'. Then At that time, Lin Zhaohua made changes to the text and scenery, which were not accepted by old audiences. In 2005, he changed back to the old version. We still have to respect history and classics, and have standards. If there is no more complete creativity, we must follow the old style Continue to act. What the audience sees are the characteristic characters and the tasteful language. This version has been performed to this day and it is time to carry on the family line. Other plays have new looks, but "Tea House" has the quality of cultural relics. It is to be on par with the old predecessors in terms of quality.”

  Text/Reporter Guo Jia Coordinator/Liu Jianghua

  Photography/Reporter Wang Xiaoxi

  Beijing Youth Daily