In connection with a series of wide-area robbery cases that have occurred one after another across the country, another case trial in the Philippines will be held on the 6th for two of the four people Japan is seeking extradition.

The Philippine justice minister has said that if this trial is dismissed, there is a possibility that all four will be handed over to Japan on the 7th, and the court's decision will be noted.

In connection with the series of wide-area robberies, Japanese police have identified four suspects, Yuki Watanabe, Tomonobu Kojima, Seiya Fujita, and Masato Imamura, as being involved in other special fraud cases. We are requesting the Philippine side to obtain an arrest warrant for him and hand him over.

Of these, Watanabe and Kojima are defendants in another violent trial in the Philippines, and the next hearing will be held on the 6th at a court in Manila, the capital.

In this trial, the Philippine prosecutor's office is seeking to dismiss it as a ``false charge,'' and if the court decides to dismiss it, the legal conditions for the delivery of all four people will be met.

The Philippine justice minister has said that if the dismissal is decided, all four people may be handed over to Japan on the 7th, and the court's decision will be watched.

Immigration Bureau staff: “Money exchanges between detainees and staff are routine.”

Regarding the situation inside the facility where the four detainees were detained, an official of the Philippine Immigration Bureau responded to an interview with NHK on the 5th and testified that money was routinely exchanged between detainees and staff. .

The official said, "When an inmate wants a meal delivered, he gives the money to a certain employee he likes. Then the employee expects to receive the money every time he sees the inmate on duty. This is done secretly with eye contact."

She then revealed that she had also received money from the inmates, saying, "I would have been disappointed if I didn't get 3,000 pesos a day," adding about 7,000 Japanese yen a day. I told him I had it.

“Everyone is doing this, and the new staff members who are assigned to the facility will also try to do the same. It is a so-called 'golden vein' that can be done."

What is the point of contact between Suspect Watanabe and Suspect Fujita?

Yuki Watanabe (38) and Seiya Fujita (38) are among the four suspected of giving orders in a series of wide-area robberies and for whom the Metropolitan Police Department has an arrest warrant for being involved in a special fraud.

From the story of a man who knew the two, I could see the point of contact.

It is said that the man met Watanabe, who lived in Sapporo, at work related to mobile phones more than 10 years ago.

At that time, it is said that he was asked if he would like to do a business together. '' he said.

After that, when I was called to an apartment in Sapporo city, I met Fujita, who was named "Miyamoto" at the time, and the two were doing a service that allowed them to talk to women online in that room. is.

The man said, ``I was shown the room, but there were partitions, many computers were lined up, and there was a girl there, and he said he was doing a chat business.''

Regarding the relationship between Suspect Watanabe and Suspect Fujita, it is said that Suspect Watanabe felt higher.

The man said, ``It felt like an equal, but in terms of the image, the boss was Watanabe.

On the other hand, it is said that Fujita sometimes expressed dissatisfaction with Watanabe, saying, "I was consulted that I had not received my salary for two months. It was strange to be in,” he recalled.

Regarding Watanabe, he said, "I'm very interested in making money and I've made various proposals, but when I said, 'I don't think it will work,' he made a difficult face. He also said, 'I think it will work.' I was doing it," he said.

Regarding Fujita, he said, "Although he was a chivalrous type, he sometimes said, 'I'll just get caught anyway,' or 'I'll be released in a few years,' so maybe he didn't feel guilty about being arrested." talked.

Funeral of woman killed in robbery murder case in Komae, Tokyo

The funeral of a 90-year-old woman who died in a robbery-murder case at a house in Komae, Tokyo, among the wide-area robberies that have occurred one after another nationwide, was held in Tokyo on the 5th.

Last month, in a robbery-murder case in which Iyo Oshio (90), who lives in this house in Komae City, Tokyo, was murdered and had his luxury wristwatches stolen, the Metropolitan Police Department is believed to be the leader in a series of robbery cases nationwide. We are investigating the suspicion that a group of people who call themselves "Luffy" and "Kim" were involved.

Under these circumstances, the funeral of Mr. Oshio, who passed away, was held on the morning of the 5th at a funeral hall in Fuchu City, Tokyo.

According to Mr. Oshio's son, the funeral was held only by close relatives, and the sunglasses that Mr. Oshio used to wear during his life were placed in her urn.

Oshio's son said, "I can't put it into words, but I told him in my heart that I would like to spend time with my deceased father in heaven. I can't help feeling hate or frustration, but I hope that society will change for the better."