, Jiaxing, February 5th (Zhang Yudi) The fiery red lanterns make the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns and festivities are full of New Year flavor.

When the Zhejiang Rural Cultural Auditorium "Our Village Evening" met the Lantern Festival, different sparks collided, with "new year, local, and cultural flavors", and jointly sang a new scene of rural cultural prosperity in Zhejiang.

  On the evening of February 5th, the 2023 Zhejiang Rural Cultural Auditorium "Our Village Evening" Zhejiang Province home event was held in the cultural auditorium of Yongqing Village, Shendang Town, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City.

  Rural people from all walks of life show their talents

  The party officially kicked off with the lively opening song "Lanterns and Festive Colors". Singers from cultural halls all over Zhejiang Province sang in unison. Sea salt intangible cultural heritage elements such as sea salt rolling lanterns, pond workers' chant, and Shendang wine making were displayed on the stage. And singing and dancing performances brought the audience into the joyful "New Year flavor".

  "In the opening performance, we showed Shendang Town's long-standing wine-making skills. This skill has a cultural heritage of 136 years. It is brewed by 18 techniques. I hope that the common people can understand Shendang better after seeing the performance. Dang’s cultural characteristics.” said Dong Zhe, a member of the Party Branch of Wusheng Village, Shendang Town, who participated in the opening performance.

  According to Dong Zhe, the performers performing Shendang's brewing skills come from art workers from various villages in Shendang Town.

"Now every village in Shendang Town has cultural auditoriums, and we usually rehearse performances in various cultural auditoriums. Up to now, we have performed more than 30 performances."

Photographed by Zhang Yudi at the performance site

  Zhou Ling, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Haiyan County Party Committee, said that Haiyan County has given full play to the role of cultural auditoriums to gather popularity and share fun. Each festival provides a large-scale performance and each quarter provides a public welfare training. Up to now, there are 85 brand activities , hosting more than a thousand cultural events.

  This year, farmers from all over Zhejiang Province stepped onto the stage of the "Our Village Evening" home event in Zhejiang Province. Hundreds of people, including fishermen by the sea, fruit farmers in mountainous areas, sisters-in-law in rural areas, and leaders in getting rich in the countryside, brought their self-written and self-directed Self-performed imitation shows, drama sketches, acrobatics, etc., brought a cultural feast full of local flavor.

  Villagers from Zhulin Village, Xinfeng Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City brought the intangible cultural heritage martial arts performance "Boat Boxing", each punch hit the spirit of the peasants; a young entrepreneur from Dongshen Village, Moganshan Town, Deqing County, playing The guitar sang "Country Partners", telling everyone about the changes in rural towns due to the arrival of young entrepreneurs; the skit "Oranges Are Red" tells the story of the old fruit farmer who is worried about sales, and uses the live broadcast method to substitute goods The story of solving the sales problem made the old He family's "orange red"...

  It is understood that this year's 15 programs are selected from nearly 200 programs recommended and submitted by various places, including the village song competition and sketch competition of the "I want to go to the village evening" series of award-winning works.

  Amplify the effect of "village evening" to release the dividend of "village evening"

  In 2022, a total of 20,511 rural cultural auditoriums in Zhejiang Province will be built, achieving "full coverage".

Zhejiang has established a five-level rural culture excavation and cultivation mechanism for "provinces, cities, counties, and villages". Through the "I want to go to the village evening" drama sketch competition, village song competition, host competition, etc., "our village evening" will run through the year and dig deeper. Cultivate Zhejiang's rural culture and cultural talents, and demonstrate the strength of rural culture and the image of Zhejiang.

  Nowadays, holding a lively village evening in the Cultural Auditorium has become an indispensable festival for ordinary people in rural Zhejiang during the Spring Festival.

According to statistics, before and after the Spring Festival in 2023, there have been more than 5,800 online and offline "Our Village Evenings" staged in rural cultural auditoriums across Zhejiang Province.

  On the evening of January 11, Zhang Aijia, a young Shaoxing opera actress from Jiashan, returned to her hometown to perform on stage at the 2023 "Our Village Evening" Cultural Gala and Cultural Auditorium Original Program Exhibition in Jiashan County.

Over the years, Zhang Aijia has insisted on giving back to the people in her hometown with her artistic talents, and she is a veritable "resident star" of the cultural auditorium.

  During the winter vacation, Zhang Aijia often went back and forth between Shanghai and Jiashan to bring the "Shaoxing Opera Winter Camp" course to the children. In addition to the teaching of Yue opera actors singing, reciting and playing, there were also content such as popularization of Yue opera knowledge and the history of Jiashan local operas, etc., which attracted a lot of attention. A large number of children learn and fall in love with opera art and understand traditional culture.

  "Let the children understand the beauty of our opera and the beauty of our traditional culture. I think this is my original intention, and the meaning of education has been achieved." Zhang Aijia said.

  Today, Zhejiang's "Our Village Evening" brand has gone nationwide and has become a "national model."

In 2022, the No. 1 Central Document proposed to support farmers to spontaneously organize "village evenings" and other cultural and sports activities that reflect the fun of farming.

Not long ago, the list of demonstration sites for the national "Village Evening" in 2023 was announced, and four more villages in Zhejiang were selected, making it the province with the most selected demonstration sites in the country.

  What is played is the folks, what is spoken is the accent, what is sung is nostalgia, and what is danced is nostalgia.

"Our Village Evening" has changed from a small gathering of villagers to an indispensable "hard dish" for the rural people in Zhejiang.