China News Service, Huizhou, February 5 (Song Xiujie and Sun Qiuxia) The "Colorful Intangible Cultural Heritage Lantern Festival" parade in Huizhou, Guangdong was held on the morning of the 5th at Huancheng West Road in downtown Huizhou.

More than 30 intangible cultural heritage items such as Huidong Fisherman's Song, Mojiaquan, Xiaojinkou Qilin Dance, Longhua Drum, Huidong Gaizi Lion, etc. were staged in turn, presenting a cultural feast full of New Year flavor.

  On the day of the event, the parade started at Chaojing Gate and finally arrived at Pinghu Gate.

There are 4 performance areas throughout the route, allowing citizens to experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage at close range.

The picture is taken by Song Xiujie at the scene of the Lantern Festival Parade in Huizhou

  Huidong Fisherman's Song is the first national "intangible cultural heritage" in Huizhou. It is a distinctive folk song in "Chinese Fisherman's Song". It is popular in the coastal area of ​​Huidong and has strong southern coastal cultural characteristics.

Mojia boxing is a kind of Chinese southern boxing and one of the five famous boxing in Guangdong. It is famous for its legwork. In 2021, it will be listed in the fifth batch of representative items of national intangible cultural heritage.

  This parade of intangible cultural heritage is the first large-scale tour of intangible cultural heritage in Huizhou in the past 10 years, fully displaying the charm of intangible cultural heritage such as local Hakka culture, Lingnan culture, and fisherman culture.

The parade team of nearly 400 people consists of 9 phalanxes and 30 panels, including 2 national intangible cultural heritage items and 10 provincial intangible cultural heritage items.

The picture is taken by Song Xiujie at the scene of the Lantern Festival Parade in Huizhou

  The relevant person in charge of the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports introduced that in order to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit, the city has launched more than 200 colorful activities, held the 2023 Huizhou Warm Winter Cultural Tourism Consumption Season, issued millions of cultural tourism consumption coupons, and encouraged the launch of Scenic spots and cultural and tourism consumption venues across the city have launched preferential measures in different forms.

The picture is taken by Song Xiujie at the scene of the Lantern Festival Parade in Huizhou

  During the 7-day Spring Festival holiday in 2023, 40 A-level tourist attractions in Huizhou received a total of 1.0268 million tourists, an increase of 286% over the same period last year.

West Lake (including Honghua Lake), Luofu Mountain, Xunliao International Coastal Tourist Resort, and Nankun Mountain Ecotourism Zone are still the most popular tourist attractions.

Among them, Huizhou West Lake Scenic Area received more than 100,000 tourists per day, with a total passenger flow of 584,752, an increase of 318% over the same period last year.