(Chinese New Year at the Grassroots) "Foreigners" Love Chinese New Year: Yearning for Traditional Culture and Grasping Development Opportunities

  Chinanews.com, Haikou, February 5th, title: "Foreigners" have loved the Chinese New Year: Yearning for traditional culture and seizing development opportunities

  Reporter Zhang Qianyi

  Picking up the pen, dipping in the ink, and leaning over, Darya from Russia took a deep breath and wrote the word "Fu" with a brush.

Holding this calligraphy work with wet ink, Daria said with a smile: "I hope to send blessings to all my friends through Chinese calligraphy!"

  More than 40 international friends from Russia, Ireland, Afghanistan and other countries came to Haikou Qilou Old Street on the afternoon of the 4th to experience the festive Chinese New Year in a "fancy" way while writing calligraphy, tasting glutinous rice balls, and enjoying traditional talent shows.

  "Tianjiao wants to drink all the silk on a daily basis, and good wine makes a forest not to be waited for..." Wang Long from Uzbekistan recited Su Dongpo's poems on the spot and won praise from everyone.

Yearning for traditional Chinese culture, he came to Hainan University to study and gave himself an authentic Chinese name.

During his studies, he met many Chinese friends. "I had the New Year's Eve dinner at a Chinese friend's house this year. It was very lively to have the New Year's Eve dinner, post Spring Festival couplets, and play mahjong."

On February 4, more than 40 international friends came to Haikou Qilou Old Street to experience the festive Chinese New Year.

The picture shows Wang Long from Uzbekistan singing Chinese songs.

Photo by Jiang Jurong

  During the three years in China, Wang Long, who loves to travel, has been to Beijing, Guangdong, Gansu, Jiangsu and other places.

"It's so convenient to live here, a mobile phone can handle all the needs." Cycling, ordering food, electronic payment... These have become Wang Long's living habits.

Wang Long said that he likes to "make his own way". After graduation, he has the opportunity to stay in China to work and start a business.

  George from Georgia claims to be a foreign fan who has been "fanned" by Chinese culture.

"I have passed 8 Chinese New Years. This year, I will make dumplings with my 'Shandong Laotie' during the Spring Festival. Coins are put in the dumplings, and I want to make a lot of money."

On February 4, more than 40 international friends came to Haikou Qilou Old Street to experience the festive Chinese New Year.

The picture shows George from Georgia learning to play the zither.

Photo by Jiang Jurong

  In 2016, George came to Hainan University to study food science and engineering.

After completing his doctoral studies, he not only learned fluent Chinese, but also gained sweet love in Hainan.

Today, George has founded an international trading company, "I have enjoyed the preferential policies and conveniences of the Hainan Free Trade Port policy, and I have also felt the enthusiasm of the Hainanese during the process of starting a business."

George, who loves Chinese tea especially, hopes to bring Chinese tea to Georgia so that more people can taste tea culture.

  During the event that day, Kang Jinsheng, Director of the Cultural and Information Liaison Station of the Republic of Belarus in Hainan Free Trade Port, carefully watched the tea ceremony performance and learned to play the guzheng.

On February 4, more than 40 international friends came to Haikou Qilou Old Street to experience the festive Chinese New Year.

The picture shows calligraphy works displayed by international friends.

Photo by Jiang Jurong

  Kang Jinsheng, who has worked and lived in Qiong for 10 years, is a "Hainan expert". In recent years, he has actively matched bridges and facilitated the establishment of sister city relations between Hainan and many cities in Belarus.

"With the optimization and adjustment of China's epidemic prevention policy, the economic, trade and cultural exchanges between the two places will be 'activated'." Kang Jinsheng told reporters that this year the liaison station will launch a promotion plan to promote Hainan to Russian-speaking countries and attract more talents and talents. Project to Joan.

  Although far away from home, foreigners feel at home in Joan.

Everyone ate glutinous rice balls, tasted the "sweet taste" of the Chinese New Year, and were full of expectations for the new year.

Wang Long hopes that he can achieve more in his studies and return to Uzbekistan this year to reunite with his family; George plans to open a restaurant with Georgian culture, and his career is backgammon.

  Chen Lanfang, Chief of the Talent Introduction Service Section of Haikou Foreign Experts Bureau, said that with the acceleration of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, Haikou has attracted more and more international talents to come to work, live and start businesses. It is hoped that foreign talents will learn more about Chinese culture during the exchange activities , feel the "warmth of home".